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  • Tainted Lives 

    Kiroy, Nicholas (2018)
    The work describes in a 20-line standard stanza the lives of six individuals who were affected in some way by the holocaust. I tried not to just define each character by their status and circumstances, but also by a dominant ...
  • Mannequin Renewal 

    Suphan, Jessica (2018)
    In a small, sheltered home of modern day United States, an older man named Josef paints those slaughtered in the Holocaust on mannequins. But his solitary passion is interrupted by a high schooler named Lydia; she bursts ...
  • Gateway (December, 2006) 

    Chester, Molly/Editor; Wei, Scott/Sports Editor; Husen, Chris/Staff Reporter; Snyder, Nate/Staff Reporter; Davis, Crystal/Staff Reporter; Stanzel, Jeremy/Staff Reporter; Gillen, Bradlee/Staff Reporter (FMCC Communications Club, 2006-12)
  • Gateway (March, 2006) 

    Jerdon, Mark/Editor; Chester, Molly/Editor; Sampone, Nick/Staff Reporter; David, Allison/Staff Reporter; Wanyemba, Christian/Staff Reporter; Burke, Steve/Staff Reporter; Husen, Chris/Staff Reporter; Greer, Dave/Staff Reporter; Cook, Sara/Staff Reporter; Krutz, Arlo/Staff Reporter; Arias, Laurita/Staff Reporter; Snyder, Nate/Staff Reporter (FMCC Communications Club, 2006-03)
  • Gateway (May, 2004) 

    Downes, Eric/Editor; Splittergerber, Benjamin/Editor; Nitsky, Bethany/Layout & Design; Krug, Scott/Staff Reporter; Luffman, Sherry/Staff Reporter; Streifert, Laura/Staff Reporter; Nakahara, Megumi/Staff Reporter; Gawazawa, Ayumi/Staff Reporter; Bump, James/Staff Reporter; Pedrick, Matt/Staff Reporter; Capel, Chris/Staff Reporter; Abram, Malcolm X/Staff Reporter; Kelly, Aaron/Staff Reporter (FMCC Communications Club, 2004-05)
  • Gateway (September, 2003) 

    Nitsky, Bethany/Staff Reporter; Bentley, Jennifer/Staff Reporter; Downes, Eric/Staff Reporter; Takahashi, Natsuki/Staff Reporter; Kelly, Aaron/Staff Reporter (FMCC Communications Club, 2003-09)
  • Gateway (April, 2003) 

    Henry, Sarah/Staff Reporter; McGuire, Maggie/Staff Reporter; Capel, Chris/Staff Reporter; Andrews, Matt/Staff Reporter; Bottisti, Michele/Staff Reporter; Kilpatrick, Eva/Staff Reporter; Morrison, Megan/Staff Reporter; Faville, Kara/Staff Reporter; Mycek, Kara/Staff Reporter (FMCC Communications Club, 2003-04)
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  • Gateway (February, 2003) 

    Spritzer, Maxwell/Staff Reporter; Donohue, Mary/Staff Reporter (FMCC Communications Club, 2003-02)
  • Gateway (April, 2002) 

    Frederick, Mary/Editor & Layout/Design; Harrison, James/Editor; Humphreys, Shayna/Staff Reporter; Luffman, Will/Staff Reporter; Foster, David/Staff Reporter; Meyers, Bethany/Staff Reporter; Togaila, Dan/Staff Reporter; Bender, Joyce/Staff Reporter; Darling, Bodie/Staff Reporter; Fisher, Austin/Staff Reporter; Spitzer, Max/Staff Reporter; Vassi, Bobby/Staff Reporter (FMCC Communications Club, 2002-04)
  • Examining gender salience in preschoolers through a category formation task 

    Planke, Julie A. (2019-08)
    Ample evidence exists suggesting children as young as 2-years-old can successfully classify colors, various objects, and people into stereotypical male and female categories. However, it is unknown if gender categories are ...
  • Minecraft MOOC for Educators (MIME) 

    Kaczmarek, Allyson (2017)
    "The proposed project (MIME) aims to offer educators a Minecraft MOOC specialization of courses that features a roadmap for development of interdisciplinary curriculum, concrete ideas for participant engagement and easy ...
  • Alfred State Micro Credentialing Project 

    Hilsher, Jonathan; Moore, Danyelle; Morsman, Elaine; Morehouse, Troy (2017)
    The Alfred State Micro Credentialing Project employs the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) competencies for career readiness to promote all aspects of the SUNY Excels performance framework and multiple ...
  • Lighting the SPARC of Scientific Collaboration: A Proposal to Add Two SUNY Campuses to a Regional Conservation Biology Network 

    Bastiaans, Elizabeth (2017)
    We propose to add two SUNY campuses, Oneonta and Cobleskill, to a region-wide network of conservation biologists (SPARCnet, the Salamander Population and Adaptation Research Network), focused on studying the response of ...
  • TimeStitch: Digital Prototype of a Virtual Museum as a Leaning Tool 

    Myzelev, Alla (2017)
    TimeStitch is a prototype of a digital object repository that can be used to create various learning contents. It will display needlecrafts such as embroidery, knitting and sewing as examples of the objects that could be ...
  • Flipping the Classroom: A Multipronged Approach to Retention of Academically Underprepared STEM Majors 

    Watanabe, Junryo (2017)
    Nationally, there is a problem of recruiting and retaining underrepresented students in STEM, and there is no exception to this at SUNY Oneonta and other SUNY institutions. As a part of a multipronged approach, this project ...
  • Development and Assessment of Openly Available WeBWorK Problem Sets for Underserved Mathematics Courses 

    Jones, Keith; Bridges, Leah (2017)
    This project brings together expert faculty members and qualified undergraduate students to design, implement, and test up to 1,000 WeBWorK problems sets for introductory math courses. WeBWorK, a free and open source online ...
  • Use of the Renewable Energy Lab (Lucas-Nuelle) simulations of Renewable Energy Generation to foster Student learning in "Energy , Sustainability and Environment " class (ENV101) 

    Kivman, Lee; Issapour, Marjaneh (2017)
    "Renewable Energy Generations is an essential component of any environmental studies as well as Energy/Renewable- Energy Engineering education. It is not possible to use the real systems in these programs unless the campuses ...
  • Metaliteracy Learning Pathways: Fostering Innovative Teaching Across SUNY 

    O'Brien, Kelsey; Affinito, Stephanie; Jacobson, Trudi; Forte, Michelle; Gardner-Athey, Karen; Mahar, Donna (2017)
    "With the support of a 2016 IITG and University Libraries funding, a collaborative team at the University at Albany and Empire State College have been working to scale and refine the Metaliteracy Badging System for Open ...
  • Rock paper scissors: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing  

    Strauss, Sharon (2019-05)
    For me, making art is a ritualistic process bound up in observations of the material world. It speaks to my desire to interpret the world around me. How can spaces we consider "ordinary" allow an opportunity for transcendence? ...