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    • The Experimental College at Old Westbury 1966-1971: A Case Study 

      Gray, George, Truman (University Microfilms, 1978-07-30)
      This dissertation focuses on the distinct history of Old Westbury as an experimental college and analyzes the historical development of the idea, as a theoretical model and struggles in creating a new institution and ...
    • Alumni Letters to the Future 

      Gibson, Bernadette (2023)
    • Honoring Faculty and Staff Veterans 

      Meade, Richard "Bud" (Richard "Bud" Meade, 2021-08-12)
      This volume lists veterans and deceased military who were employed by SUNY Brockport, with brief biographies and photos where possible.
    • Macroeconomic Factors that Affect the Price of Housing in the United States: Evidence from a State-Level Panel Data Analysis 

      Ronan, Sean (2023-05-31)
      Due to all the changes in the economy recently the goal of the study is to see how specific macroeconomic factors have affected the housing market in the past to gain some insight into where the overall housing market may ...
    • Determinant Factors of German Bilateral Export Volume: Evidence From Panel Data Analysis 

      Savage, Spencer (2023-04-30)
      "This study applies the gravity model of international trade to analyze determinant factors of bilateral export volume by specifically looking at German exports. Germany currently stands as one of the largest exporters ...
    • Foreign Aid -- Economic Growth Nexus 

      Barber, Veronica (2023-05-28)
      The purpose of this paper is to determine whether the United States’ current government spending on foreign assistance is efficient for the economic development of the recipient countries. The relationship between foreign ...
    • CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth: Empirical Analysis of the Environmental Kuznets Curve 

      Nishizawa, Hana (2023-05)
      This research paper investigates the applicability of the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) hypothesis using panel data from 183 countries between 1990 and 2019. The analysis employs a model incorporating a quadratic ...
    • An Emerging College Serving its Region: 1976 Campus Plan 

      Unknown author (State University of New York College at Old Westbury, 1976)
      The 1976 campus master plan builds on the revised 1972 plan submitted in December 1973. The most significant change has been in the student enrollment projections.
    • Developing a New Public College on Long Island: Revised Campus Plan 

      Unknown author (State University of New York College at Old Westbury, 1973-12)
      The enclosed document represents a revision, expansion, and refinement of the August 1973 plan after a first of its kind comprehensive analysis of the unmet educational needs of the Long Island region was conducted by SUNY ...
    • Project Turning Point: An Education Equity Model for Mature Minority Women 

      Kunen, Gloria L.; Hare, Sherida; Meirowitz, Claire (SUNY Old Westbury, 1984)
      This manual for a women's educational equity project indicates how mature minority women are encouraged and supported to enter and succeed in four-year arts and sciences institutions by using strategies drawn from a ...
    • A New Master's Degree Program in Chemistry 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-04-28)
      The Department of Chemistry is proposing to launch a new M.S. in Chemistry. To add value and distinctiveness to this offering, biochemistry is included under the umbrella of chemistry. Following the review of comparable ...
    • A New Actuarial and Data Science Major to Replace Tracks Within the Mathematics Major 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-04-26)
      The Mathematics Department proposes to replace its Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics tracks with a standalone major in Actuarial and Data Science and make some small curricular updates to reflect new guidance from the ...
    • New Minor in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-04-26)
      The DEISJ minor prepares students to lead DEISJ initiatives in a variety of organizational settings. The minor responds to the needs of governmental, non-profit, and corporate organizations who require employees who ...
    • Special Resolution for Dr. James Spiller 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2022-05-22)
    • Recommendations for Implementation, Use and Review of New Instrument and System for Evaluatin of Teaching 

      College Senate (2023-03-27)
      This proposal outlines recommendations by the College Senate Faculty and Professional Staff Policies Committee for the implementation, use and future review of the new IAS survey instrument negotiated by UUP as well as the ...
    • Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School and Christmas Park, Albion, NY 

      Albion, NY Middle School (2021)
      This booklet was researched by Mr. Archer’s Albion Middle School seventh grade Service Learning students out of admiration for one of Albion’s great ambassadors, Charles W. Howard.
    • Tibor Baranksi Interview 

      Baranksi, Tibor (Wallenberg Committee, 1987-05-03)
      This interview is in two parts; an interview with Tibor Baranski by Sharon Wallenberg, and a presentation by Baranski to the Jamestown Community College Forum . The interview discusses Baranski's experiences growing up as ...
    • Albert and Theodore Hersch Transcript 

      Hersch, Albert; Hersch, Theodore (Browder Committee, 1985)
      The two speakers are brothers that were sent to Auschwitz with their family. They watched their mom and sisters be sent to their death upon arrival. In the camps they watched people get beaten and abused by the Nazis. after ...
    • Judy H. Schatz Interview 

      Back, Toby; Schatz, Judy (Browder Committee, 1990)
      The speaker talked about her family leaving Austria-Hungary after the discrimination and banning of Jewish people began. She faced many struggles where extended family passed on due to the Nazi regime, her immediate family ...
    • Sophia Cohen Chatov Interview 

      Back, Toby; Cohen Chatov, Sophia (Browder Committee, 1984-05-14)
      Sophia Cohen Chatov, born in Amsterdam, Holland in 1936, discusses her upbringing in hiding beginning when she was 4 years old across parts of rural Holland with various non-Jewish families and individuals who took in ...