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  • SCOP-1980 

    Multiple (Corning Community College, 1980)
  • SCOP-1979 

    Multiple (Corning Community College, 1979)
  • SCOP-May-1978 

    Multiple (Corning Community College, 1978-05)
  • SCOP-1977 

    Multiple (Corning Community College, 1977)
  • Design Digital Concierge for SUNY Learning Common: Pedagogical Rich Reusable Learning Object 

    Adams, R. Hope; Rufer, Rosalyn (2012)
    Widespread expansion of the Internet has played a major role in learning. However, learners participating in computer-based learning environments (CBLE) might not always successfully contribute to their own learning absent ...
  • Presentations Unplugged: Mobile Devices in the Classroom 

    Blake, Tom (2012)
    For years, we have striven to provide classrooms with projection and audio systems on campus where faculty members can project a computer screen for their class to see. All of our classrooms are “laptop ready” to allow the ...
  • Design and Testing of Laboratory Instruction Management System (LIMS) 

    Nazarenko, Alexander (2012)
    A Laboratory Integration Management Solution (LIMS) is a software/hardware system that is used in industrial laboratories for the integration of all laboratory software and instruments, training laboratory users, quality ...
  • Developing an Informed Community of People Who Are Interested in Advancing 3D Virtual World Instruction 

    Cabra, John; Burnett, Cyndi (2012)
    3D worlds are potentially important tools that are likely to gain wide spread adoption as colleges become populated with ‘digital native’ students. The International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) has conducted ...
  • Learner eXperience Designers (LXD) Exploring the Feasibility of Badging 

    Burns, Beth; Welborn, Jason; Fujiuchi, Ken; McBride, Mark; Pereira, Meghan (2012)
    In a recent case study published by EDUCAUSE, a badge is defined as a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest. Erin Knight and Carla Casilli of Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) are ...
  • Process development for high resolution hydrogen silsesquioxane patterning using a commercial scanner for extreme ultraviolet lithography 

    Desai, Vishal; Mellish, Mac; Bennett, Stephen; Cady, Nathaniel (American Vacuum Society, 2017-02)
    The semiconductor industry is transitioning toward the use of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography as a next generation patterning technology. There are currently only a limited number of high resolution EUV photoresists ...
  • Thermal coefficient of resistivity of ultrathin Ag films deposited on Cu for applications in emerging interconnect systems 

    Tatem, Elroy A.; Kaloyeros, Alain E.; Eisenbraun, Eric T. (Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and Microelectronics: Materials, Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena, 2014)
    As the semiconductor industry continues to scale feature sizes, scattering from phonons, surfaces, and grain boundaries results in a significant increase in metal interconnect resistivity. In this work, a thin Ag capping ...
  • Gateway (October 2016) 

    Horstmann, Kaitee/Chief Editor; Tran, Jennifer/Associate Editor; Press, Elizabeth/Faculty Advisor; Reinoso, Ejerlin/Staff Writer; Tran, Jennifer/Staff Writer; Anderson, Elizabeth/Staff Writer; Savarese, Glenn/Staff Writer; Winton, Jeanne/Staff Writer; Comstock, Austin/Staff Writer; Nellis, Marissa/Staff Writer; Taylor, Taz/Staff Writer; McQueen, Joseph/Staff Writer; Robinson, Scott/Staff Writer; Feliciano, Samuel/Staff Writer; Cirtwell, Lacey/Staff Writer; Adams, Lauren/Staff Writer; Davieau, Jacqueline/Staff Writer; Phillips, Kate/Staff Writer; Collins, Bam/Staff Writer; Mackey, Keyshea/Staff Writer; Lane, Devante/Staff Writer; Suhail, Imran/Staff Writer; Simera, Garrett/Staff Writer; Palczak, Mckenna/Staff Writer (FMCC Communications Club, 2016-10)
  • Gateway (November 2016) 

    Horstmann, Kaitee/Chief Editor; Reinoso, Ejerlin/Associate Editor; Press, Elizabeth/Faculty Adviser; Tran, Jennifer/Staff Writer; Anderson, Elizabeth/Staff Writer; Suhail, Imran/Staff Writer; Winton, Jeanne/Staff Writer; Comstock, Austin/Staff Writer; Nellis, Marissa/Staff Writer; Palczak, McKenna/Staff Writer; Taylor, Taz/Staff Writer; Mackey, Keyshea/Staff Writer; Robinson, Scott/Staff Writer (FMCC Communications Club, 2016-11)
  • Synthesis and properties of ferromagnetic nanostructures embedded within a high-quality crystalline silicon matrix via ion implantation and nanocavity assisted gettering processes 

    Malladi, Girish; Huang, Mengbing; Murray, Thomas; Novak, Steven; Matsubayashi, Akitomo; LaBella, Vincent; Bakhru, Hassaram (Journal of Applied Physics, 2014)
    Integrating magnetic functionalities with silicon holds the promise of developing, in the most dominant semiconductor, a paradigm-shift information technology based on the manipulation and control of electron spin and ...
  • Substrate dielectric effects on graphene field effect transistors 

    Hu, Zhaoying; Sinha, Dhiraj Prasad; Lee, Ji Ung; Liehr, Michael (Journal of Applied Physics, 2014)
    Graphene is emerging as a promising material for future electronics and optoelectronics applications due to its unique electronic structure. Understanding the graphene-dielectric interaction is of vital importance for the ...
  • Preparation of gallium nitride surfaces for atomic layer deposition of aluminum oxide 

    Kerr, A. J.; Chagarov, E.; Gu, S.; Kaufman-Osborn, T.; Madisetti, S.; Wu, J.; Asbeck, P. M.; Oktyabrsky, S.; Kummel, A. C. (Journal of Chemical Physics, 2014)
    A combined wet and dry cleaning process for GaN(0001) has been investigated with XPS and DFTMD modeling to determine the molecular-level mechanisms for cleaning and the subsequent nucleation of gate oxide atomic layer ...
  • Non-Profit Community Partner Service Project 

    Dohm, Amy; Franklin, Nathan (2012)
    1. Development, application and assessment of innovative use of instructional technology to improve student engagement and learning across disciplines. Students in two English Composition, ENG 101, courses will create a ...
  • Development & Validation of SUNY Prep: Learner Preparedness Survey 

    Miszkiewicz, Melissa; Kroll, Christine; Marczynski, Kelly; Wieczorek, William; Mackey, Tom; Lamb, Craig; McDaniel, J. Goodlet (2012)
    Project Description Throughout SUNY and our national educational system there is a growing need to understand, and therefore support and increase student success. (NYSUNY 2020) Plenty of research has gone into defining ...
  • Virtual Study Abroad: Student Engagement & International Interaction Using Meeting & Mobile Tools 

    Pellettiere Calix, Lorette; Prusko Torcivia, Patrice; Leon, Oscar (2012)
    The goal of this project is to enable all SUNY students to participate in a virtual term abroad. Empire State College (ESC) has a blended program in Panama, where the students meet face to face the first and last week of ...
  • Synergy & Systemness: Making the Most of Innovative Technology & Collaboration 

    Cichello, Francesca; Bonnabeau, Richard; Suvaci, Ender; Ozdemir, Blige Kagan; Herdendorf, Phyllis; Zarate-Hoyos, German; Yildirim, Özgü; Schlarb, Mary; Braun, Betsy; Rubin, Jon (2012)
    We propose the development of a pilot course limited to thirty students combining online learning with a ten-day business study tour in Turkey. Students will be encouraged to participate in the study tour component, though ...