Physics of Atomic Nuclei V. 68, I. 09

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Physics of Atomic Nuclei
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Physics of Atomic Nuclei -- September 2005 Volume 68, Issue 9, pp. 1417-1620 NUCLEI Experiment Independent Yields of Kr and Xe Fragments in the Photofission of 237Np and 243Am Odd Nuclei Yu. P. Gangrsky, V. I. Zhemenik, G. V. Mishinsky, and Yu. E. Penionzhkevich pp. 1417-1420 Full Text: PDF (106 kB) Theory Subthreshold Photofission of Even–Even Nuclei S. G. Kadmensky and L. V. Rodionova pp. 1421-1432 Full Text: PDF (226 kB) Angular Distributions of Fragments Originating from the Spontaneous Fission of Oriented Nuclei and Problem of the Conservation of the Spin Projection onto the Symmetry Axis of a Fissile Nucleus S. G. Kadmensky and L. V. Rodionova pp. 1433-1442 Full Text: PDF (188 kB) Spectroscopic Factors and Barrier Penetrabilities in Cluster Radioactivity S. N. Kuklin, G. G. Adamian, and N. V. Antonenko pp. 1443-1452 Full Text: PDF (192 kB) Dibaryon Model for Nuclear Force and the Properties of the 3N System V. N. Pomerantsev, V. I. Kukulin, V. T. Voronchev, and A. Faessler pp. 1453-1486 Full Text: PDF (529 kB) Structure of States and Transition Rates in the Even–Even N = 82 Nucleus 136Xe V. I. Isakov, H. Mach, B. Fogelberg, K. I. Erokhina, A. J. Aas, and E. Hagebø pp. 1487-1496 Full Text: PDF (189 kB) The Nuclear Scissors Mode by Two Approaches (Wigner Function Moments versus RPA) E. B. Balbutsev and P. Schuck pp. 1497-1509 Full Text: PDF (226 kB) Experimental Arguments in Favor of Refining Model Ideas of the Cascade Gamma Decay of a Compound State of a Complex Nucleus A. M. Sukhovoj, V. A. Khitrov, and Li Chol pp. 1510-1524 Full Text: PDF (327 kB) Static and Statistical Properties of Hot Rotating Nuclei in a Macroscopic Temperature-Dependent Finite-Range Model E. G. Ryabov and G. D. Adeev pp. 1525-1539 Full Text: PDF (296 kB) Interaction of Gold Nuclei with Photoemulsion Nuclei at Energies in the Range 100–1200 MeV per Nucleon and Cascade–Evaporation Model S. D. Bogdanov, E. Ya. Shablya, S. Vokal, V. F. Kosmach, and V. A. Plyuschev pp. 1540-1547 Full Text: PDF (158 kB) ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS Experiment Some Special Features of the Momentum Spectrum of Protons Produced in 16Op Collisions at a Momentum of 3.25 GeV/c per Nucleon E. Kh. Bazarov, V. V. Glagolev, K. G. Gulamov, S. L. Lutpullaev, K. Olimov, Kh. Sh. Khamidov, A. A. Yuldashev, and B. S. Yuldashev pp. 1548-1550 Full Text: PDF (107 kB) On the Energy Spectrum of Protons Produced in 16Op Collisions at a Momentum of 3.25 GeV/c per Nucleon E. Kh. Bazarov pp. 1551-1553 Full Text: PDF (92 kB) Theory Decay phi(1020)-->gammaf0(980): Analysis in the Nonrelativistic Quark Model Approach A. V. Anisovich, V. V. Anisovich, V. N. Markov, V. A. Nikonov, and A. V. Sarantsev pp. 1554-1572 Full Text: PDF (387 kB) Quark–Antiquark Composite Systems: the Bethe–Salpeter Equation in the Spectral-Integration Technique in the Case of Different Quark Masses A. V. Anisovich, V. V. Anisovich, V. N. Markov, M. A. Matveev, and A. V. Sarantsev pp. 1573-1586 Full Text: PDF (228 kB) Electroproduction of D*± Mesons at High Energies V. A. Saleev and D. V. Vasin pp. 1587-1598 Full Text: PDF (267 kB) Quark Regge Trajectory in Two Loops from Unitarity Relations A. V. Bogdan and V. S. Fadin pp. 1599-1615 Full Text: PDF (280 kB) CURRENT EVENTS 70th Birthday of Yurii Fedorovich Smirnov pp. 1616-1617 Full Text: PDF (137 kB) FUTURE PUBLICATIONS Future Publications pp. 1618-1620 Full Text: PDF (85 kB)
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