Astronomy Reports V. 48, I. 07

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Astronomy Reports
Astronomy Reports -- July 2004 Volume 48, Issue 7, pp. 525-610 Einstein–Rosen Bridges and the Characteristic Properties of Gravitational Lensing by Them A. A. Shatskii pp. 525-533 Full Text: PDF (240 kB) The Evolutionary Status of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources A. V. Tutukov and A. V. Fedorova pp. 534-549 Full Text: PDF (347 kB) Estimate of the Black-Hole Mass and Orbital Inclination from the Radial-Velocity Curve of the X-Ray Binary Cyg X-1 M. K. Abubekerov, E. A. Antokhina, and A. M. Cherepashchuk pp. 550-562 Full Text: PDF (313 kB) The Nature of the Unique Precataclysmic Variable V664 Cas with Two-Peaked Balmer Lines in Its Spectrum V. V. Shimanskii, N. V. Borisov, N. A. Sakhibullin, and A. E. Surkov pp. 563-576 Full Text: PDF (438 kB) Atmospheric Chemical Composition of the Halo Star HD 221170 from a Synthetic-Spectrum Analysis V. F. Gopka, A. V. Yushchenko, T. V. Mishenina, Chulhee Kim, F. A. Musaev, and A. V. Bondar' pp. 577-587 Full Text: PDF (323 kB) A Model for Superoutbursts in SU UMa-type Binaries D. V. Bisikalo, A. A. Boyarchuk, P. V. Kaigorodov, O. A. Kuznetsov, and T. Matsuda pp. 588-596 Full Text: PDF (1202 kB) Analysis of Atmospheric Abundances in Classical Barium Stars L. I. Antipova, A. A. Boyarchuk, Yu. V. Pakhomov, and V. E. Panchuk pp. 597-610 Full Text: PDF (274 kB)