Continuum and the Creative Process: An Exploration in Continuum Movement and Choreography

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Lu, Liang
MacMillan, Sophia
Rrydlizky, Alexandra
Shipman, Sherah
Williams, Jada
Wong, Hiuching
Wyckoff, Wynn
Zhao, Shan
Ching, Hui
This presentation will be a collaborative exploration of choreography from process to performance based on the fundamental principles, motifs and metaphors of Continuum Movement. An experience and explanation of Continuum Movement will be woven into the presentation. Students may also, encourage audience participation through a short experiential process based on a Continuum Practice that can be done with the audience from their seats. This presentation will be a student/ faculty mentor collaboration.Student’s and their Faculty mentor will describe, through their Choreographic presentation, their personal experiences of exploring Continuum Movement as a somatic based mindfulness practice. Throughout the presentation/performance a myriad of ways of accessing creativity and the discovery of a creative process and development of works will be explored. This process will also serve as a way to prepare for technique class, rehearsal and performance. Some of the motifs that may be explored are; the fluid body, wave motion, fractals in the form of macro and micro movements, spirals, curves and pulsations through breath, sound and movement exchanges. Some questions that may be explored are; how do stress, fluidity, bio-intelligence and other abstract concepts and experiences express themselves in and through the body as movement? What is Continuum? Continuum was founded by Dancer/ Choreographer /Visionary and Movement Pioneer Emilie Conrad. Continuum is an ongoing inquiry into what it means to be a human being, in a fluid body, in an ever-changing world. Continuum is based on the premise that we are movement as well as movement being something that we do. Continuum explores the idea that the body is made of mostly water, and yet, for the most part, we don’t move from that premise. Continuum is an inquiry into what we call a body and how we express and/or limit ourselves. Continuum is a somatic practice that encourages the enlivening of bio-intelligence through the exploration of specific movement, breath, sound and sensory awareness sequences. The practice of Continuum awakens more fluid, innovative and innate ways of moving and thinking, while exploring less familiar usual constructs and habitual movements that are characteristic of most bipeds. These explorations create a context that can shift our perceptions of who and what we are, what we call, dance, creativity, art, movement and performance and what we think our capabilities are for health, fitness and aging.