TimeStitch Database: Crowdsourcing and Community Engagement

SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , OMEKA open source software , Gender and Needlework , Needlework and Gender
In 2017-18 (tier 1/phase 1 of the project) TimeStitch database with ~3000 cataloged objects related to gender and needlework was developed and populated. In the proposed phase 2, the goal is to increase student inquiry, engagement, learning and success using OMEKA open-source software. The objectives are to create virtual learning communities, engage students with the local community, and use technology to innovate instructional design. A crowdsourcing interface will be developed to allow the public to further populate the database; focus groups will identify database needs of the public and local museums; and the process of database migration from current museum management software to OMEKA will be streamlined so that small museums and libraries may be trained to easily upload their digitized material online. The project addresses the SUNY strategic objectives to 1) provide broad access to knowledge to students and the public and 2) to ensure student success in the workforce. The successful completion of phase 2 will make the project attractive to external funding.
TimeStitch (http://timestitch.geneseo.edu/items/browse) is a database that was developed and populated with the help of the IITG Tier 1 Grant. In this next stage we would like to develop the following: 1) crowdsourcing plugin that will help to digitize objects such as antiques that are in the possession of general public to create a 3-dimensional component that will help students in planning virtual and real exhibitions and offer the TimeStitch package to museums as a tool of making their collections available online.