Is It Time For Art Yet? Using Art Integration to Promote Student Learning

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Willmart, Mary Anne
This thesis was completed during a five-month period in 2007, starting in the month of May and ending in September. Research was collected from the Colton-Pierrepont Central School District in the form of teacher and administrator questionnaires. Research was done in this manner in order to investigate the use of art integration in the non-arts courses at the school, as well as whether or not the use of art integration promoted better student learning and understanding in the classrooms. The researcher of this study hypothesized that art integration would increase student achievement. The results of this study demonstrated that in the Colton-Pierrepont Central School District, art integration is already implemented in many of the classrooms, and the evidence of this study also showed that the teachers as well as the administrators of the school saw a positive effect on students when art integration was used in classroom curriculum.