Health Habits of Students at SUNY Oneonta

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Marshall, Nicole
Modesto, Roberto
Food habits , College students , Nutrition surveys , Diet
Nicole Marshall Roberto Modesto Advisor: Jen-Ting Wang Healthy Habits Among On and Off Campus Students at SUNY Oneonta For our research project, we intend to determine if healthy habits are different between on and off campus students at SUNY Oneonta. Healthy habits in this study are defined as beneficial behavior, which includes a balanced diet, 7-8 hours of sleep, regular exercise, and drinking water throughout the day. We believe that differences exist among these habits between on and off campus students. On campus students have limitations on the types of food that is supplied to them, but they have an unlimited dining plan. Off campus don't have an unlimited amount, but they get to choose what types of foods they wish to consume. In addition, on campus students have convenient access to the gym, whereas off campus students must drive to campus to utilize the gym. There could be a difference in hours of sleep because of different transportation methods, such as driving, waiting for the bus, or walking. All of these factors can contribute to a difference of healthy habits between on and off campus students, in which we intend to find out using statistical analysis. Through observational study, we will conduct a survey to obtain our data. From this, we can conclude whether there is a significant difference between on and off campus students' healthy habits.