Astronomy Letters, V. 31, I. 05

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Astronomy Letters
Astronomy Letters -- May 2005 Volume 31, Issue 5, pp. 291-357 Superlong Gamma-Ray Bursts Ya. Yu. Tikhomirova and B. E. Stern pp. 291-298 Full Text: PDF (267 kB) Infrared Luminosities of Local-Volume Galaxies I. D. Karachentsev and A. M. Kutkin pp. 299-307 Full Text: PDF (259 kB) Numerical Simulations of the Hyades Dynamics and the Nature of the Moving Hyades Cluster Ya. O. Chumak, A. S. Rastorguev, and S. J. Aarseth pp. 308-314 Full Text: PDF (240 kB) Flares of the H2O Maser in W31(2) E. E. Lekht, V. A. Munitsyn, and A. M. Tolmachev pp. 315-326 Full Text: PDF (462 kB) Magnetic Field and Chemical Composition of the Peculiar Star HD 10221 Yu. V. Glagolevskii, T. A. Ryabchikova, and G. A. Chountonov pp. 327-334 Full Text: PDF (312 kB) Analysis of Magnetic Field Measurements for T Tau D. A. Smirnov, M. M. Romanova, and S. A. Lamzin pp. 335-339 Full Text: PDF (230 kB) Relativistic Effects and Solar Oblateness from Radar Observations of Planets and Spacecraft E. V. Pitjeva pp. 340-349 Full Text: PDF (199 kB) On One Special Case of Parametric Resonance in Problems of Celestial Mechanics A. P. Markeev pp. 350-356 Full Text: PDF (169 kB) ERRATA Erratum: "Two-Mirror Schwarzschild Aplanats: Basic Relations" [Astron. Lett. 31 (2), 129 (2005)] V. Yu. Terebizh p. 357 Full Text: PDF (27 kB)