Low Temperature Physics V. 27, I. 02

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Technical Physics Letters
Technical Physics Letters -- February 2001 Volume 27, Issue 2, pp. 87-170 Electron Structure of Thin Fullerene Films Deposited by Various Methods A. L. Shakhmin, A. M. Khodorkovskii, S. V. Murashov, T. O. Artamonova, and A. V. Golod pp. 87-89 Full Text: PDF (43 kB) The Formation of Volume Elements for Microelectromechanical Systems in Polyimide by Method of Reactive Ion Beam Etching A. I. Stognij, T. I. Orekhovskaya, Yu. V. Timoshkov, and S. V. Koryakin pp. 90-92 Full Text: PDF (328 kB) On the Adiabatic Theorem in Quantum Mechanics A. G. Chirkov pp. 93-96 Full Text: PDF (48 kB) "Color" Dynamics Based on a Conservative System O. I. Gorskii and Yu. P. Kuchugurnyi pp. 97-101 Full Text: PDF (97 kB) Dispersive Resonators with Volume Holographic Gratings E. A. Tikhonov, V. I. Bezrodnyi, and T. N. Smirnova pp. 102-103 Full Text: PDF (36 kB) Nonlinear Response of the IVCT Band in the Absorption Spectra of Molybdenum Blue and Berlin Blue A. A. Bugaev and S. E. Nikitin pp. 104-107 Full Text: PDF (58 kB) The Localized Gas Discharge Etching of Materials A. V. Abramov, E. A. Abramova, and I. S. Surovtsev pp. 108-109 Full Text: PDF (43 kB) Single-Crystal Iron Garnet Films with Increased Thermal Stability of Magnetization and Ferromagnetic Resonance Field S. I. Yushchuk and P. S. Kostyuk pp. 110-111 Full Text: PDF (50 kB) Measuring the Parameters of Photorefractive Crystals by an Electrooptical Compensation Method A. V. Ilinskii and E. B. Shadrin pp. 112-113 Full Text: PDF (34 kB) Subnanometer Resolution in Depth Profiling Using Glancing Auger Electrons M. N. Drozdov, V. M. Danil'tsev, Yu. N. Drozdov, O. I. Khrykin, and V. I. Shashkin pp. 114-117 Full Text: PDF (54 kB) The Spherical Stratification of Discharge in High-Molecular-Mass Gases O. A. Nerushev, S. A. Novopashin, V. V. Radchenko, and G. I. Sukhinin pp. 118-120 Full Text: PDF (68 kB) A Strong Electromagnetic Field Generated by a Dipole K. A. Zheltov pp. 121-123 Full Text: PDF (40 kB) Interferometric Study of an Elongated Element Model with Axisymmetric Streamlining for Two Mach Numbers (M = 3 and 4) A. N. Mikhalev, A. B. Podlaskin, and V. A. Shiryaev pp. 124-126 Full Text: PDF (42 kB) Foam Stabilization by Surfactants: A Fractal-Percolation Fracture Model Yu. V. Pakharukov and T. E. Shevnina pp. 127-128 Full Text: PDF (31 kB) Electric Field Affects the Charge State in Ion-Implanted Si–SiO2 Structures A. P. Baraban, L. V. Miloglyadova, and V. I. Ter-Nersesyants pp. 129-131 Full Text: PDF (42 kB) Thermostimulated Exoelectron Emission during the Structural Transition in Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 N. A. Zakharov, V. A. Klyuev, and V. P. Orlovskii pp. 132-133 Full Text: PDF (33 kB) The Effect of Adsorption Complexes on the Electron Spectrum and Luminescence of Porous Silicon A. A. Lisachenko and A. M. Aprelev pp. 134-137 Full Text: PDF (65 kB) Instantaneous Emission Brightness Kinetics of Zinc Sulfide Based Electroluminescent Thin-Film Emitters N. T. Gurin, O. Yu. Sabitov, A. V. Shlyapin, and A. V. Yudenkov pp. 138-140 Full Text: PDF (54 kB) The Velocity and Attenuation of Outgoing Surface Acoustic Waves Measured Using an Ultrasonic Microscope with Two Focusing Transducers S. A. Titov, R. G. Maev, and A. N. Bogachenkov pp. 141-143 Full Text: PDF (464 kB) Beam–Plasma Discharge Dynamics in an Adiabatic Magnetic Trap Yu. Ya. Volokolupov and M. A. Krasnogolovets pp. 144-146 Full Text: PDF (48 kB) Effect of the Spin Wave Decay in the Pinning Layer on the Spin Wave Resonance Band Intensity A. M. Zyuzin, S. N. Sabaev, A. G. Bazhanov, and V. V. Radaikin pp. 147-149 Full Text: PDF (47 kB) Relativistic Gigawatt BWT Microwave Pulse Duration Increased upon Treating the Slow-Wave Structure Surface with a Low-Energy High-Current Electron Beam A. V. Batrakov, K. V. Karlik, S. A. Kitsanov, A. I. Klimov, I. N. Konovalov, S. D. Korovin, G. A. Mesyats, G. E. Ozur, I. V. Pegel', S. D. Polevin, D. I. Proskurovskii, and M. Yu. Sukhov pp. 150-152 Full Text: PDF (62 kB) Multiparticle Tunneling during Field Electron Emission from Bi2CaSr2Cu2O8 V. I. Maslov pp. 153-154 Full Text: PDF (30 kB) The Field-Induced Ion Evaporation Effect in the Bipartition of Charged Droplets A. I. Grigor'ev pp. 155-156 Full Text: PDF (30 kB) A Change in the Microwave Radiation Reflection upon a Dielectric–Metal Transition in Vanadium Dioxide B. M. Gorelov, K. P. Konin, V. V. Koval', and V. M. Ogenko pp. 157-159 Full Text: PDF (68 kB) A New Integral Equation for Calculating Thin Electric Vibrators V. A. Neganov, M. G. Kornev, and I. V. Matveev pp. 160-163 Full Text: PDF (56 kB) A Decrease in the Noise Stokes Field Modulation during the Induced Mandel'shtam–Brillouin Scattering in a Single-Mode Optical Fiber with High Rayleigh Scattering Losses A. A. Fotiadi and R. V. Kiyan pp. 164-167 Full Text: PDF (64 kB) Manganese Depth–Concentration Profiles in Ion-Implanted Silicon Studied by Rutherford Backscattering B. É. Égamberdiev and M. Yu. Adylov pp. 168-170 Full Text: PDF (47 kB)