Digital Scholarship Collaboration: Linking Humanities with the Library as a Model for Campus-Wide Digital Scholarship Initiative

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Rocco, John
August, Ian
Tummino, Annie
SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , Faculty/Librarian Collaboration , Humanities
Our project formalizes existing collaboration between Humanities, the Library, and the Center for Teaching Excellence to create a sustainable digital scholarship initiative. A faculty cohort, led by Professor John Rocco, will meet monthly to explore digital humanities/digital scholarship tools maintained and supported by the Center for Teaching Excellence. Cohort members will make an explicit commitment to incorporating digital scholarship into their coursework, yielding clear deliverables in terms of student work. While the initial focus will be the graduate Maritime and Naval Studies (MNST) program, which will enrich coursework and Capstone projects by linking them directly to a digital portal developed and maintained by the Archivist and Digital Services Librarian, the project will be scalable to undergraduate Humanities students and other departments at Maritime. This three-step collaborative evolution—MNST, Undergrad, College-Wide—can be used as a model for other SUNY colleges who want to launch digital scholarship initiatives with limited resources.
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