DC Comic Design in PyGame

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Williams, Antoine Darnell
DC comics has been struggling to keep up with the success that Marvel comics has experienced in multiple ways. Video games is an opportunity for DC Comics to gain a higher fan base if they add enjoyable video games to the market. The goal of this research project is to make a great strategy/fighting game using DC comic characters. This can be implemented with PyGame and can be created using ideas and influences from other games that are popular. The game would only be made to handle one player but would have the capability of being played by two players. There would be multiple levels with different backgrounds and sound effects that would enhance the game playing experience. There are four spots that the two characters can move between and when they meet in a spot they would automatically go into a combat and then move away to adjacent spots. Depending on which character one picks the character would have particular advantages. The character would be able to fight physical, charge their attacks and fight shooting projectiles into spots chosen by them. Both fighters choose where to move their character and what they will do at the same time. This game would mix aspects of luck and strategy to make a game that would be perhaps more marketable. A demonstration of the game with around four playable characters and moderate graphics would be presented.