Superman, can you hear me?

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Stoyanova, Kristina
The Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY.
We live in a world defined by language. The communication and our understanding of the world around us happen through words and symbols. We define objects, space, and relationships through the language we use. As we cannot isolate the visual from the linguistic disposition, it is difficult to think of works of art without thinking of their verbal form, without giving them names, labels and definitions, and without putting them in categories and movements. Since Conceptual Art, art became an investigation in the nature of art, and is no longer an object of aesthetics, but a form of examination and research phenomena. [...] In my art I am interested in the correlation between art and language; and how the meaning of the different art vocabulary changes in the different contexts. I am interested in the changing relationship between signifier and signified in the context of appropriation art, contemporary photography, installation art and video. My work is indirectly influenced by post modern, poststructuralists' theorists, like Julia Kristeva, Roland Barthes, Joseph Kosuth, as well as by the philosophy of language theories by Wittgenstein, to name just a few of them.
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