Low Temperature Physics V. 29, I. 05

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Low Temperature Physics
Low Temperature Physics -- May 2003 Volume 29, Issue 5, pp. 359-450 Vadim Grigor'evich Manzhelii (On His Seventieth Birthday) M. A. Strzhemechnyi and Yu. A. Freiman Full Text: PDF (347 kB) QUANTUM LIQUIDS AND QUANTUM CRYSTALS 4He nanoclusters around vacancies in solid solutions of 4He in 3He A. N. Gan'shin, V. N. Grigor'ev, V. A. Maidanov, A. A. Penzev, É. Ya. Rudavskii, A. S. Rybalko, and E. V. Syrnikov Full Text: PDF (115 kB) Phonon scattering in ortho-para hydrogen solid solutions (role of configurational relaxation) B. Ya. Gorodilov Full Text: PDF (64 kB) Motion of a probe nanoparticle in a quantum crystal with a narrow vacancy band A. A. Levchenko, L. P. Mezhov-Deglin, and A. B. Trusov Full Text: PDF (73 kB) Orientational ordering in solid hydrogens with J = 1 in the presence of a crystal field T. N. Antsygina, S. M. Tret'yak, Yu. A. Freiman, and R. J. Hemley Full Text: PDF (61 kB) On the phase diagram of the development of an instability of a massive charged surface of liquid helium V. Shikin Full Text: PDF (100 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL AND DISORDERED SYSTEMS Atomic dynamics and the problem of the structural stability of free clusters of solidified inert gases É. T. Verkhovtseva, I. A. Gospodarev, A. V. Grishaev, S. I. Kovalenko, D. D. Solnyshkin, E. S. Syrkin, and S. B. Feodos'ev Full Text: PDF (137 kB) Nonlinear Rayleigh waves in a medium with a monatomic nonlinear coating A. S. Kovalev, E. S. Sokolova, A. P. Mayer, and G. A. Maugin Full Text: PDF (127 kB) PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF CRYOCRYSTALS Local excitations in the conduction band of crystalline xenon A. G. Belov, E. I. Tarasova, and E. M. Yurtaeva Full Text: PDF (178 kB) LATTICE DYNAMICS Surface and quasisurface states in a strongly anisotropic layered crystal A. M. Kosevich, P. A. Minaev, E. S. Syrkin, and M. L. Polyakov Full Text: PDF (143 kB) Heat transfer by low-frequency phonons and "diffusive" modes in molecular crystals V. A. Konstantinov Full Text: PDF (122 kB) On the orientational relief of the intermolecular potential and the structure of domain walls in fullerite C60 J. M. Khalack and V. M. Loktev Full Text: PDF (206 kB) Interaction between C60 and gases under pressure B. Sundqvist Full Text: PDF (58 kB) Intercalation of C60 fullerite with helium and argon at normal temperature and pressure Yu. E. Stetsenko, I. V. Legchenkova, K. A. Yagotintsev, A. I. Prokhvatilov, and M. A. Strzhemechnyi Full Text: PDF (60 kB) Low-temperature thermal conductivity of solid carbon dioxide V. V. Sumarokov, P. Stachowiak, and A. Jezowski Full Text: PDF (31 kB)