The Zombie Game with a twist

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Safwan, Rafi
Python , Game Development , Multi-Platform .py , Pygame
The current research involves investigating past computer games that have been extremely popular and combine the elements of those games into a zombie killing game. This research project is timely because many of these games lack a continuation or follow-ups, since often times when games are being developed with a deadline, the game developers do not have the opportunity to delve into different aspects within the game. More than often games have missing pieces or some aspects that may shine but lack in other aspects. This research project will incorporate many user-friendly, popular features to a Pac-man style game to make it a more enjoyable game to play with several twists. The project will also incorporate a leveling feature and different upgrades for the player to use and as the level moves forward the difficulty will increase. The goal of this research is to create a game that utilizes all of these different aspects to appeal to the users. This project will also have options of a multi-platform game so that it is readily accessible on devices like the mac and mobile. The game will be developed using Python and Pygame programming language in a Windows environment. This research can give other programmers ideas to expand on in future games.