State University of New York Learning Network and Coursespace Faculty Survey Spring 2006

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Shea, Peter
SUNY Learning Network , SLN , Online Learning , distance education , faculty satisfaction , teaching and learning
The following report contains information collected from the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) - CourseSpace Faculty Online Survey for spring semester 2006. As of June 20th, 2006, 510 questionnaires were electronically collected. This data included 92 blank questionnaires which contained only submission date data. These blank questionnaires were deleted from the initial sample if the entire questionnaire was blank and contained no completed items. Survey returns that were partially completed where included in the final sample of 418 and were analyzed in this report. Files containing partial data account for the changing sample size represented in several frequency tables that follow. Please note that for item where partial data files did not provide an answer are categorized in all frequency tables as ‘Missing – Not Answered.’ Possible explanations for partial data file may be that respondents abruptly ended the survey before completing all items. The student survey was created and collected online using the SurveySolutions Express Software by Perseus Development Corporation. Faculty teaching online courses via SLN or CourseSpace during the Spring Academic Semester of 2006 were asked to complete and submit an online survey form. The analysis of data was conducted using SPSS software and Microsoft Excel
This report documents faculty satisfaction with teaching in the SUNY Learning Network (SLN)online environment. A majority of SLN courses are fully online.