Rosie Rich, interviewed by Layla Taha

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Tynan, Jacob
Duru, Betul
Taha, Layla
Endicott , Italian , Sports , SUNY Cortland , Bachelor's in Physical Education and Health , University of Buffalo , Master's in Education , Counseling , International Education , Troy High School , Beirut , Lebanon , Book
Rosie Rich was raised in Endicott, New York and grew up in a large Italian family that was involved in various sports. She attended SUNY Cortland, where she earned a Bachelor’s in Physical Education and Health. She then attended the University of Buffalo, where she earned a Master of Education with a concentration of counseling and international education. Her reasoning behind her masters degree was that it led to different arenas after graduation. Rich was a physical education instructor at Troy high school and SUNY Brockport for several years. She later went on to start a program of health and physical education for women in Beirut, Lebanon. During her years in Lebanon, Rich encountered challenging experiences and took on different career roles. After her experience in Lebanon, Rich published a book about her adventures and career.