Population dynamics of the hard clam : a statistical analysis based on existing Town of Brookhaven survey data

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Marine Sciences Research Center
Cerrato, Robert Michael
Wallace, Heather V. E.
Marine Sciences Research Center, Stony Brook University
Marine Sciences. , Atmospheric Sciences. , Clams > New York (State) > Brookhaven (Town) > Statistics. , Clam fisheries > New York (State) > Brookhaven (Town). , Northern quahog. , New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.
from the introduction, ". . .The goals of this project were to: 1) analyze the available census data to determine if areas of high and low abundance can be statistically defined and persist in time, 2) compare hard clam population characteristics (i.e., recruitment, age structure, ontogenetic growth, and mortality) between a selected high and low density area, and 3) compare the distribution and abundance of hard clams to relevant environmental factors. This study forms part of a larger shellfish management project which is being undertaken and administered by the Town of Brookhaven's Division of Environmental Protection. The purpose of the overall project is to enhance shellfish populations and to develop effective shellfish management programs within the Town's waters. . ."
99 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm. Includes bibliographical references.