Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics V. 90, I. 01

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Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
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Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics -- January 2000 Volume 90, Issue 1, pp. 1-226 GRAVITATION, ASTROPHYSICS Canonical Quantization of Two-Dimensional Gravity S. N. Vergeles pp. 1-16 Full Text: PDF (181 kB) NUCLEI, PARTICLES, AND THEIR INTERACTION Measurement of the Relative Probability of phi -->etagamma Decay in the eta --> pi+pi–pi0 Channel M. N. Achasov, K. I. Beloborodov, A. V. Berdyugin, A. V. Bozhenok, A. D. Bukin, D. A. Bukin, S. V. Burdin, A. V. Vasil'ev, D. I. Ganyushin, I. A. Gaponenko, V. B. Golubev, T. V. Dimova, S. I. Dolinskii, V. P. Druzhinin, M. S. Dubrovin, A. S. Zakharov, V. N. Ivanchenko, P. M. Ivanov, A. A. Korol', S. V. Koshuba, G. A. Kukhartsev, A. A. Mamutkin, A. V. Otboev, E. V. Pakhtusova, A. A. Sal'nikov, S. I. Serednyakov, V. A. Sidorov, Z. K. Silagadze, V. V. Sharyi, and Yu. M. Shatunov pp. 17-23 Full Text: PDF (100 kB) ATOMS, SPECTRA, RADIATION Influence of a Polar Ambient Medium on Multiphoton Resonances in Dipole Molecules V. A. Kovarskii and O. B. Prepelitsa pp. 24-29 Full Text: PDF (69 kB) Collisions of Electrons with Molecules in Excited Vibrational–Rotational States S. A. Pozdneev pp. 30-44 Full Text: PDF (195 kB) Temperature Dependence of the Formation Rates of Hydrogen-Helium Mesic Molecules in Collisions of Slow Hydrogen Atoms with Helium A. V. Kravtsov and A. I. Mikhailov pp. 45-49 Full Text: PDF (60 kB) Influence of Interference Effects of Spontaneous Emission on the Behavior and Spectra of Resonance Fluorescence of a Three-Level Atom in a Strong Wave Field A. A. Panteleev, Vl. K. Rerikh, and A. N. Starostin pp. 50-58 Full Text: PDF (105 kB) Polarization of Vacuum in a Hydrogen-Like Relativistic Atom: Hyperfine Structure S. G. Karshenboim, V. G. Ivanov, and V. M. Shabaev pp. 59-65 Full Text: PDF (88 kB) Quasiclassical Green Function in an External Field and Small-Angle Scattering Processes R. N. Lee, A. I. Milstein, and V. M. Strakhovenko pp. 66-78 Full Text: PDF (170 kB) PLASMA, GASES Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in a Plasma with Ion-Acoustic Turbulence K. Yu. Vagin, V. P. Silin, and S. A. Uryupin pp. 79-92 Full Text: PDF (170 kB) Coagulation of Charged Particles in a Dusty Plasma I. A. Belov, A. S. Ivanov, D. A. Ivanov, A. F. Pal', A. N. Starostin, A. V. Filippov, A. V. Dem'yanov, and Yu. V. Petrushevich pp. 93-101 Full Text: PDF (156 kB) FLUIDS Diffraction Reflection of Light in a Cholesteric Liquid Crystal in the Presence of Wave Irreversibility and Bragg Formula for Media with Nonidentical Forward and Return Wavelengths O. S. Eritsyan pp. 102-108 Full Text: PDF (96 kB) SOLIDS Multiple Small-Angle Neutron Scattering for an Arbitrary Value of the Born Parameter S. G. Bogdanov and A. Z. Men'shikov pp. 109-120 Full Text: PDF (188 kB) Photophysical Processes Stimulated in Nanoporous Silicon by High-Power Laser Radiation Yu. A. Bykovskii, V. A. Karavanskii, G. E. Kotkovskii, M. B. Kuznetsov, A. A. Chistyakov, A. A. Lomov, and S. A. Gavrilov pp. 121-128 Full Text: PDF (126 kB) Low-Temperature Specific Heat Study of SrCu2(BO3)2 with an Exactly Solvable Ground State H. Kageyama, K. Onizuka, Y. Ueda, M. Nohara, H. Suzuki, and H. Takagi pp. 129-132 Full Text: PDF (74 kB) Interrelation of Spatial and Temporal Instabilities in a System of Two Nonlinear Thin Films I. V. Babushkin, Yu. A. Logvin, and N. A. Loiko pp. 133-143 Full Text: PDF (574 kB) Breakdown of Renormalizability in the Kondo Problem in the High-Temperature Expansion of the Free Energy Yu. N. Ovchinnikov and A. M. Dyugaev pp. 144-152 Full Text: PDF (176 kB) Surface Polaritons in a Dielectric at a Boundary with a Metal in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields D. A. Mamalui and I. E. Chupis pp. 153-159 Full Text: PDF (92 kB) Insulator–Superconductor–Metal Transitions Induced by Spin Fluctuations in the Paramagnetic Phase of Doped Insulators A. I. Agafonov and É. A. Manykin pp. 160-172 Full Text: PDF (152 kB) Phase Transitions in a Two-Dimensional Vortex System with Defects: Monte Carlo Simulation V. A. Kashurnikov, I. A. Rudnev, M. E. Gracheva, and O. A. Nikitenko pp. 173-182 Full Text: PDF (222 kB) Bound Ferromagnetic and Paramagnetic Polarons as an Origin of the Resistivity Peak in Ferromagnetic Semiconductors and Manganites E. L. Nagaev pp. 183-193 Full Text: PDF (119 kB) Quantum Monte Carlo Investigation of the Magnetic Properties of Weakly Interacting Antiferromagnetic Chains with an Alternating Exchange Interaction with Spin S = 1/2 S. S. Aplesnin pp. 194-201 Full Text: PDF (126 kB) Self-Organization of the Critical State in Granular Superconductors S. L. Ginzburg and N. E. Savitskaya pp. 202-216 Full Text: PDF (229 kB) Effect of a Magnetic Field on Thermally Stimulated Ionization of Impurity Centers in Semiconductors by Submillimeter Radiation A. S. Moskalenko, V. I. Perel', and I. N. Yassievich pp. 217-221 Full Text: PDF (67 kB) MISCELLANEOUS Recombination Accompanied by Teleportation of "Quantum Entanglement" L. V. Il'ichev pp. 222-226 Full Text: PDF (57 kB)
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