The Effects of Color and Mascot Choices on Consumer Preference, Fan Association and Societal Acceptance

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Durso, Victoria
Mastellone, Louis
Color Combination , Mascot , Logo Shape , Brand Association
Sports fans choose the teams they root for by a variety of reasons; location, success, star players, players they like, colors of the team and the logo they like the most. In this study we examine the effect of team logo on sport consumer’s level of team identification. To investigate the effectiveness of team logo we are going to focus on logo shape, color combination, and mascot choices. We will conduct an experimental cross-sectional study to collect the data involving sport consumer’s psychological connection to the team that is influenced by the team logo they root for. The researchers will manipulate the different variables within team logos such as color, shape, and animals in order to find out exactly where the connections are made. As an extension of the study by Ahn, Suh, Lee, and Pedersen (2013), we will focus on whether or not team logo generates emotions and attitudes, which in turn positively relate to sport consumer behavioral intentions. Based on the previous findings, when logo elements have been changed fans react differently, positive or negative, even though purchase intentions remain constant. This research will contribute to the sport marketing literature by distinguishing precisely which logo elements have a bigger effect on team identification and sport consumer behavioral intentions. The results of this study will be presented at the SUNY undergraduate conference.