Advancing Metaliteracy in a Post-Truth World through the Design of a Global MOOC

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Mackey, Thomas
Jacobson, Trudi
O'Brien, Kelsey
Paige, Christine
SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , MOOCs , Metaliteracy , Social Technologies , Metacognitive Reflection
Through this multi-campus collaborative project, colleagues at SUNY Empire State College and The University at Albany will design a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled Empowering Yourself in a Post-Truth World. This innovative MOOC will prepare students across SUNY, as well as lifelong learners globally, to be empowered and responsible participants in rapidly changing virtual environments mediated by social technologies. The MOOC will address concerns that have become increasingly prominent in the post-truth era, including false and misleading information, online hoaxes, alternative facts, confirmation bias, tribalism (when groups identify so closely that they fail to consider other perspectives), online trolling (or being inflammatory online), and related challenges with personal privacy. The metaliteracy learning goals and objectives will be infused in this MOOC to support the critical evaluation and creative production of information through metacognitive reflection. The Post-Truth MOOC will provide a valuable, flexible and timely open resource for all SUNY students, lifelong learners, and educators interested in incorporating these concepts into their teaching.
This global MOOC entitled Empowering Yourself in a Post-Truth World will prepare learners to be reflective, critical consumers and active, well-informed producers and participants in today’s connected yet divisive digital information environment.