Low Temperature Physics V. 24, I. 01

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Low Temperature Physics
Low Temperature Physics -- January 1998 Volume 24, Issue 1, pp. 1-68 Propagation of fourth sound in a solution of two superfluid liquids taking the drag effect into account S. I. Vilchinsky Full Text: PDF (112 kB) The types of acoustic excitations in two-condensate relativistic superfluid systems S. I. Vilchinsky and P. I. Fomin Full Text: PDF (105 kB) Correlation of the properties of high-Tc superconductor La2 – xSrxCuO4 and anharmonicity of atomic potentials V. G. Chudinov, A. G. Chirkov, and R. R. Nurgayanov Full Text: PDF (57 kB) Dynamics of small-angle domain walls in external oscillating magnetic field K. I. Primak and A. L. Sukstanskii Full Text: PDF (136 kB) Second-order nuclear magnetic relaxation in samples with two-level tunneling systems L. Zh. Zakharov, L. L. Chotorlishvili, and A. I. Tugushi Full Text: PDF (73 kB) On thermodynamics of supercooled liquids and glasses A. S. Bakai Full Text: PDF (231 kB) Nonstationary effects in NbSe3 intercalated with hydrogen Kh. B. Chashka, V. A. Bichko, M. A. Obolenskii, Raid Hasan, and V. I. Beletskii Full Text: PDF (94 kB) Point-contact spectroscopy of organic conductors [(C2H5)4N]0.5[Ni(dmit)2] and (BEDT-TTF)2I3 G. V. Kamarchuk, A. V. Khotkevich, V. M. Bagatskii, and A. V. Kravchenko Full Text: PDF (79 kB) EPR studies of N, H, and D atoms trapped in the matrix of solid molecular nitrogen Yu. A. Dmitriev and R. A. Zhitnikov Full Text: PDF (112 kB) Acoustic emission accompanying the superconducting transition in HTS ceramics TlBaCuO I. V. Ostrovskii and I. N. Salivonov Full Text: PDF (49 kB) Resistive studies of creep controlled by plastic deformation of a vortex lattice M. A. Obolenskii, A. V. Bondarenko, V. A. Shklovskii, R. V. Vovk, and A. A. Prodan Full Text: PDF (69 kB) Two-gap superfluidity in the theory of a Fermi liquid A. I. Akhiezer, A. A. Isaev, S. V. Peletminsky, and A. A. Yatsenko Full Text: PDF (58 kB) On the 90th birth anniversary of Lev Davidovich Landau (1908–1968) A. I. Akhiezer Full Text: PDF (61 kB) International Conferences held to commemorate the 80th birth anniversary of I. M. Lifshitz (1917–1982) A. M. Kosevich, L. A. Pastur, and V. G. Peschansky Full Text: PDF (62 kB)