Examining the Use of New Media in the Adolescent English Classroom: How do English Teachers use New Media to Enhance Their Curriculums?

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Kronske, Daniel
Today’s technologies are growing at rapid speed, sometimes faster than educators can learn, master, and incorporate these technologies. Yet, the students themselves are at the forefront of mastering these new technologies. Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr, are evolving with their users, and their users happen to be mostly students. Computers and the programs they use are becoming more advanced, and the students are learning and understanding these programs. Some traditional teaching techniques are becoming obsolete because of these technological advances, and students can no longer connect with teachers who use only traditional methods. While some educators barely understand how to use word processors, others are assigning writing projects that involve blogs, wikis, and other new media, to produce new literacies. This study aims to answer the question of how adolescent educators use today’s technologies in the classroom to help enhance their teaching strategies. This study will examine the use of technologies such as computers and Smart Boards, as well as the use of multimedia or new media, such as the Internet, social media, Podcasts, and other forms of new literacies. Also, the researcher will discuss students’ use of these things outside of the classroom in an attempt to gauge how effective these media are in enhancing education. Anticipated results include discussion about how teachers use new media to enhance curriculum, yet students are still ahead of their teachers in regard to knowledge of how to use these media.
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