JETP Letters V. 76, I. 03

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
JETP Letters
JETP Letters -- August 10, 2002 Volume 76, Issue 3, pp. 115-193 GRAVITY, ASTROPHYSICS Bending of a Strong-Explosion-Induced Shock Wave around a Density Singularity (as Applied to the Remnants of Hypernovae) V. M. Kontorovich and S. I. Shelyag pp. 115-118 Full Text: PDF (105 kB) FIELDS, PARTICLES, AND NUCLEI Drell–Yan Representation for Vector-Meson Spin-Density Matrix Elements in Semi-Inclusive Electroproduction G. I. Gakh and N. P. Merenkov pp. 119-126 Full Text: PDF (99 kB) Mass of the Higgs versus Fourth Generation Masses V. A. Novikov, L. B. Okun, A. N. Rozanov, and M. I. Vysotsky pp. 127-130 Full Text: PDF (140 kB) ATOMS, SPECTRA, RADIATIONS On the Depolarization of Ultracold Neutrons in Traps Yu. N. Pokotilovski pp. 131-134 Full Text: PDF (55 kB) Bose Condensate Drag in a System of Two Coupled Traps M. V. Demin, Yu. E. Lozovik, and V. A. Sharapov pp. 135-138 Full Text: PDF (57 kB) Generation of High-Energy Negative Hydrogen Ions upon the Interaction of Superintense Femtosecond Laser Radiation with a Solid Target R. V. Volkov, V. M. Gordienko, I. M. Lachko, P. M. Mikheev, B. V. Mar'in, A. B. Savel'ev, and O. V. Chutko pp. 139-142 Full Text: PDF (64 kB) CONDENSED MATTER Electromagnetically Induced Acoustic Transparency and Absorption S. V. Sazonov pp. 143-146 Full Text: PDF (66 kB) Dynamic Structure Factor in Liquid Cesium on the Basis of Time-Scale Invariance of Relaxation Processes R. M. Yulmetyev, A. V. Mokshin, P. Hänggi, and V. Yu. Shurygin pp. 147-150 Full Text: PDF (72 kB) Cherenkov Radiation and Pair Production by Particles Traversing Laser Beams I. M. Dremin pp. 151-154 Full Text: PDF (49 kB) Spin-Injection Mechanism of Magnetization Reversal and Hysteresis of Current in Magnetic Junctions Yu. V. Gulyaev, P. E. Zil'berman, É. M. Épshtein, and R. J. Elliott pp. 155-159 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) Magnetic Properties of Two-Dimensional SNS-Type Josephson Junction Arrays S. M. Ishikaev, É. V. Matizen, V. V. Ryazanov, and V. A. Oboznov pp. 160-164 Full Text: PDF (102 kB) Photoinduced Transition of [Fe(CN)5NO] Nitroprusside Anions to Metastable States and Electron Localization in the (BEDT-TTF)4K[Fe(CN)5NO]2 Molecular Metal S. V. Kapelnitsky, E. B. Yagubskii, L. A. Kushch, and I. Yu. Shevyakova pp. 165-169 Full Text: PDF (65 kB) Electric Field Dependence of the Thermal Conductivity of a Granular Superconductor: Giant Field-Induced Effects Predicted S. A. Sergeenkov pp. 170-174 Full Text: PDF (79 kB) Ferromagnetic Resonance Features in Anisotropic Magnetic Films with a Metastable State of Magnetic Moment B. A. Belyaev and A. V. Izotov pp. 175-179 Full Text: PDF (67 kB) Phase Transition in a Vortice Lattice in a Bi2212:Pb Single Crystal L. S. Uspenskaya, A. B. Kulakov, and A. L. Rakhmanov pp. 180-184 Full Text: PDF (125 kB) Possible Mechanism of Superconductivity in the CuO–Cu Interface I. I. Amelin pp. 185-188 Full Text: PDF (44 kB) Electronic Properties of New Ca(AlxSi1 – x)2 and Sr(GaxSi1 – x)2 Superconductors in Crystalline and Nanotubular States I. R. Shein, V. V. Ivanovskaya, N. I. Medvedeva, and A. L. Ivanovskii pp. 189-193 Full Text: PDF (545 kB)