Astronomy Reports V. 47, I. 09

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Astronomy Reports
Astronomy Reports -- September 2003 Volume 47, Issue 9, pp. 709-796 Hydrogen Subordinate Line Emission at the Epoch of Cosmological Recombination M. S. Burgin pp. 709-716 Full Text: PDF (209 kB) Optical Observations of the Gravitational Lens SBS1 520+530 at the Maidanak Observatory A. P. Zheleznyak, A. V. Sergeev, and O. A. Burkhonov pp. 717-727 Full Text: PDF (297 kB) The Zero-Acceleration Surface Around the Local Group of Galaxies V. P. Dolgachev, L. M. Domozhilova, and A. D. Chernin pp. 728-732 Full Text: PDF (144 kB) Influence of Accretion-Disk Models on the Structure of the Iron Kalpha Line A. F. Zakharov and S. V. Repin pp. 733-739 Full Text: PDF (169 kB) Photometry and Spectroscopy of the System V4641 Sagittarii in Quiescence V. P. Goranskij, E. A. Barsukova, and A. N. Burenkov pp. 740-749 Full Text: PDF (250 kB) Observational Constraints on Potassium Synthesis During the Formation of Stars of the Galactic Disk V. V. Shimansky, I. F. Bikmaev, A. I. Galeev, N. N. Shimanskaya, D. V. Ivanova, N. A. Sakhibullin, F. A. Musaev, and G. A. Galazutdinov pp. 750-762 Full Text: PDF (323 kB) The Impact of Reflection Effects on the Parameters of the Old Pre-Cataclysmic Variables MS Peg and LM Com V. V. Shimansky, N. V. Borisov, and N. N. Shimanskaya pp. 763-776 Full Text: PDF (390 kB) UBVJHKLM Photometry of the Symbiotic Mira V407 Cyg in 1998–2002 E. A. Kolotilov, V. I. Shenavrin, S. Yu. Shugarov, and B. F. Yudin pp. 777-788 Full Text: PDF (295 kB) The Structure of Proper-Motion Diagrams for Nearby Stars S. V. Vereshchagin, V. G. Reva, and N. V. Chupina pp. 789-796 Full Text: PDF (408 kB)