Modeling load balancing through differential equations / [by] Milton J. Jackson and Thomas G. Robertazzi.

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Jackson, Milton J.
Robertazzi, Thomas G.
Stony Brook University. College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
Electronic data processing -- Distributed processing. , Computer capacity -- Planning. , Differential equations -- Data processing
A technique is proposed where the load sharing of divisible loads is modeled through the use of a set of differential equations. These equations are used to describe the flow of data between processors connected in a linear daisy chain and two dimensional mesh configurations. The two dimensional mesh is reduced to nine basic structures that describe any m by n mesh. The processors have heterogeneous link speeds, processing speeds, and loads. The equations are designed to model the balancing of these loads over a period of time, by distributing the loads between the processors, allowing the amount at any processor's load to be accurately calculated at any point in time.
22 p. : ill. Includes bibliographical references (p. 20-21).