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Crystallography Reports -- September 2001 Volume 46, Issue 5, pp. 701-885 DIFFRACTION AND SCATTERING OF X-RAY AND SYNCHROTRON RADIATION Beam Focusing on Stations with a Sibir'-2 Synchrotron Source for Single-Crystal Studies of Atomic Structures D. M. Kheiker, V. A. Shishkov, M. E. Andriyanova, and D. V. Smagin pp. 701-706 Full Text: PDF (448 kB) Structure of the Interfaces of the InxGa1 – xAs Quantum Well from X-ray Diffraction Data A. M. Afanas'ev, M. A. Chuev, R. M. Imamov, and A. A. Lomov pp. 707-716 Full Text: PDF (119 kB) Triple-Crystal X-ray Spectroscopy of Diffuse Scattering from Tracks V. N. Peregudov and E. M. Pashaev pp. 717-721 Full Text: PDF (69 kB) DIFFRACTION AND SCATTERING OF ELECTRONS Size Effect in X-ray and Electron Diffraction Patterns from Hydroxyapatite Particles E. I. Suvorova and P.-A. Buffat pp. 722-729 Full Text: PDF (1290 kB) STRUCTURE OF INORGANIC COMPOUNDS Crystal Structure of Lepidocrocite FeO(OH) from the Electron-Diffractometry Data A. P. Zhukhlistov pp. 730-733 Full Text: PDF (56 kB) Atomic Structure of Boron Suboxycarbide B(C,O)0.155 N. B. Bolotina, T. I. Dyuzheva, and N. A. Bendeliani pp. 734-740 Full Text: PDF (75 kB) Synthesis and X-ray Diffraction Study of K2.92Nb2.58Ti1.42P2.5O17 Single Crystals O. A. Alekseeva, N. I. Sorokina, I. A. Verin, T. Yu. Losevskaya, V. I. Voronkova, V. K. Yanovskii, and V. I. Simonov pp. 741-747 Full Text: PDF (254 kB) Low-Temperature Structural Variations and Interlayer Charge Transfer in Cuprate Superconductors S. Sh. Shil'shtein, I. P. Makarova, and V. N. Molchanov pp. 748-751 Full Text: PDF (55 kB) Modular Structure of a Sodium-Rich Analogue of Eudialyte with the Doubled c-Parameter and the R3 Symmetry R. K. Rastsvetaeva and A. P. Khomyakov pp. 752-757 Full Text: PDF (74 kB) STRUCTURES OF COORDINATION COMPOUNDS X-ray Diffraction Study of Phase Transitions in Iron(II) Trisnioximate Hexadecylboronate Clathrochelate Complex I. I. Vorontsov, K. A. Potekhin, M. Yu. Antipin, Ya. Z. Voloshin, A. I. Stash, V. K. Belsky, I. I. Dubovik, and V. S. Papkov pp. 758-770 Full Text: PDF (271 kB) Effect of the Acid–Base Interactions in a Solution on the Composition of the Coordination Sphere of Aluminum and Gallium Complexonates A. B. Ilyukhin and S. P. Petrosyants pp. 771-778 Full Text: PDF (108 kB) Crystal Structure and Thermochromism of Bisguanidinium Tetrachlorocuprate Dihydrate at 123 and 293 K V. K. Belsky, V. Fernandez, V. E. Zavodnik, I. Diaz, and J. L. Martinez pp. 779-785 Full Text: PDF (88 kB) STRUCTURE OF ORGANIC COMPOUNDS Molecular and Crystal Structures of 1R,4S-2-(4-Carbomethoxy)benzylidene-n-Menthan-3-one S. V. Shishkina, T. G. Drushlyak, L. A. Kutulya, O. V. Shishkin, and J. W. Goodby pp. 786-791 Full Text: PDF (87 kB) STRUCTURES OF MACROMOLECULAR COMPOUNDS Topology of the Polypeptide Chain in the Complex of Agglutinin from Castor Bean Seeds with beta-D-Galactose in the Crystalline State N. V. Konareva, A. G. Gabdulkhakov, S. Eschenburg, S. Stoeva, A. N. Popov, R. Krauspenhaar, M. E. Andrianova, Yu. Savochkina, I. I. Agapov, A. G. Tonevitskii, A. N. Kornev, V. V. Kornilov, V. N. Zaitsev, W. Voelter, Ch. Betzel, S. V. Nikonov, B. K. Vainshtein[dagger], and A. M. Mikhailov pp. 792-800 Full Text: PDF (566 kB) CRYSTAL CHEMISTRY Crystal Chemistry of Li,GeVI-Germanates: Combinatorial–Topological Analysis and Modeling of Crystal Structures G. D. Ilyushin and L. N. Demianets pp. 801-809 Full Text: PDF (156 kB) STRUCTURE OF REAL CRYSTALS Dislocations in BZS and PMN Pyrochlores A. Mergen pp. 810-812 Full Text: PDF (170 kB) PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF CRYSTALS Properties of Nonlinear Elastic Waves Propagating along Acoustic Axes A. L. Shuvalov and A. Radowicz pp. 813-819 Full Text: PDF (90 kB) Mechanical Properties of Organic Alkali Metal and Ammonium Hydrophthalate Single Crystals V. R. Regel, N. L. Sizova, G. S. Belikova, and T. N. Turskaya pp. 820-825 Full Text: PDF (394 kB) Absorption Spectra and Circular Dichroism of Sr3Ga2Ge2O14 : Cr and Ca3Ga2Ge2O14 : Cr Crystals Z. B. Perekalina, V. P. Orekhova, K. A. Kaldybaev, B. V. Mill, and D. V. Isakov pp. 826-829 Full Text: PDF (59 kB) Growth Conditions and Electric Properties of KDP Crystals. I. Conductivity Measurements E. D. Yakushkin, E. P. Efremova, and A. I. Baranov pp. 830-834 Full Text: PDF (60 kB) Analytical Description of the Yield Drop in the Alexander–Haasen Model B. V. Petukhov pp. 835-841 Full Text: PDF (103 kB) Dispersionless Polaritons on a Twist Boundary in Optically Uniaxial Crystals A. N. Darinskii pp. 842-844 Full Text: PDF (50 kB) Low-Frequency Dielectric Properties of DMAAS Crystals in the Vicinity of 110 K A. M. Lotonov, L. F. Kirpichnikova, and N. D. Gavrilova pp. 845-847 Full Text: PDF (49 kB) THIN FILMS Epitaxial (001) Fe Films with Unidirectional Anisotropy A. A. Potseluiko and V. G. Pyn'ko pp. 848-849 Full Text: PDF (77 kB) SURFACE Structure of the Polar (010) Cleavage of a Ferroelectric TGS Crystal from the Atomic–Force Microscopy Data N. V. Belugina and A. L. Tolstikhina pp. 850-855 Full Text: PDF (291 kB) Compaction of Adsorbed Alkali Metal Submonolayers on the {111} and {0001} Surfaces of Metal Crystals V. F. Dvoryankin and G. G. Dvoryankina pp. 856-859 Full Text: PDF (46 kB) CRYSTAL GROWTH Dependence of the Step Velocity on Its Length on the (010) Face of the Orthorhombic Lysozyme Crystal L. N. Rashkovich, N. V. Gvozdev, M. I. Sil'nikova, I. V. Yaminskii, and A. A. Chernov pp. 860-863 Full Text: PDF (218 kB) Growth and Ionic Conductivity of gamma-Li3PO4 A. K. Ivanov-Shitz, V. V. Kireev, O. K. Mel'nikov, and L. N. Demianets pp. 864-867 Full Text: PDF (64 kB) Electron Microscopy of Epitaxial Structures of Pseudobinary AIIIBV Solid Solutions and the Model of Nonequilibrium Ordering in Epitaxial Growth S. K. Maksimov and K. S. Maksimov pp. 868-875 Full Text: PDF (199 kB) CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE MINCRYST: a Crystallographic Database for Minerals, Local and Network (WWW) Versions A. V. Chichagov, D. A. Varlamov, R. A. Dilanyan, T. N. Dokina, N. A. Drozhzhina, O. L. Samokhvalova, and T. V. Ushakovskaya pp. 876-879 Full Text: PDF (40 kB) Data Collection in Single-Crystal Diffractometry Equipped with a Zero-Dimensional Detector: Planning and Optimization Yu. V. Nekrasov pp. 880-882 Full Text: PDF (39 kB) JUBILEES Boris Borisovich Zvyagin (on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday) pp. 883-884 Full Text: PDF (64 kB) REVIEWS Review of Physics of Condensed Media, volume 5 of the Encyclopedia of Modern Natural Sciences in 10 volumes. Moscow, MAGISTR PRESS, 2000 (288 pp.) p. 885 Full Text: PDF (9 kB)
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