Astronomy Reports V. 46, I. 03

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Astronomy Reports
Astronomy Reports -- March 2002 Volume 46, Issue 3, pp. 173-258 Does the LMC Possess a Dark Bulge? A. V. Zasov and A. V. Khoperskov pp. 173-181 Full Text: PDF (388 kB) Spatial Structure of the Globular Cluster M15 Z. I. Peikov and P. I. Kadiiskaya pp. 182-192 Full Text: PDF (272 kB) A Catalog of Star-Forming Regions in the Galaxy V. S. Avedisova pp. 193-205 Full Text: PDF (312 kB) Microstructure of Pulsar Radio Pulses Measured with a Time Resolution of 62.5 ns at 1650 MHz M. V. Popov, N. Bartel, W. H. Cannon, A. Yu. Novikov, V. I. Kondratiev, and V. I. Altunin pp. 206-215 Full Text: PDF (254 kB) A Magnetized Disk around an O Star: Polarization of the OH Maser Emission V. I. Slysh, I. E. Val'tts, and V. Migenes pp. 216-223 Full Text: PDF (233 kB) Intermediate-Brightness Equatorial Spectrophotometric Standards V. M. Tereshchenko pp. 224-232 Full Text: PDF (137 kB) Studies of Intermediate-Mass Stellar Models Using Eclipsing Binaries D. A. Kovaleva pp. 233-245 Full Text: PDF (405 kB) Sources of the Global Magnetic Field of the Sun V. A. Kotov and I. V. Setyaeva pp. 246-254 Full Text: PDF (193 kB) Influence of Collective Plasma Processes on the Theoretical Flux of Solar Neutrinos A. V. Fedorova and A. V. Tutukov pp. 255-258 Full Text: PDF (101 kB)