Seamless Integration of Political Science and International Relations Curricula across SUNY

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Yacobucci, Peter
Sarwari, Mehwish
Baek, Kyeonghi
McGovern, Patrick
SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , Social Sciences , Online Education , Cloud-Based teaching and Learning Environments , Learning Strategies
This proposal, outlining phase one of a three phase process, is designed to develop desired courses within the Political Science and International Relations fields that could be delivered simultaneously across SUNY on a regular basis through online and distance learning platforms. The need for these courses results from the limited course offerings that are available to students on nearly all SUNY campuses due to resource constraints and the important emphasis throughout SUNY to allow undergraduate students to graduate within four years of initial enrollment while obtaining sufficient depth and breadth in their field of study. This phase of our proposal allows for the full development of six courses identified as essential to an adequate education in Political Science and International Relations that are currently unable to be offered on the majority of SUNY campuses. This proposal recognizes that the educational environment is rapidly changing and the delivery of university-level courses must reach beyond the geographic borders of each SUNY campus and embrace the possibilities online and distance learning technology allow for the increased efficiency and quality of student engagement. Subsequent phases two and three of this process will offer these courses to all programs within the SUNY system seamlessly and invite and guide others across SUNY in the development of additional needed courses that could be added to the offerings available to all students enrolled at SUNY campuses. These additional steps would require the development and implementation of a modern, web-based platform to allow students within SUNY Political Science and International Relations programs to discover, enroll, and complete these curricula while residing at any of SUNY’s campuses. This will be the focus of these later phases. The power of SUNY is maximized when all talents and knowledge bases can be accessed by all across SUNY.
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