Life's A Beach

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Nuzzo-Morgan, Tammy Jean
The Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY.
Abstract of the Thesis Life's A Beach by Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing & Literature Stony Brook University 2012 I think the best abstract I could propose is the words by much finer poets than me. I have collected a few blurbs and think they express what this collection of poetry is all about. Tammy's is an expression of homage to Frank O'Hara, Whitman, Ginsberg and other poets of the orgasmic line, but at the same time, we realize, Emily Dickinson would have walked to Long Island to embrace such a spiritual sister. William Heyen These are grown-up poems from a woman who knows that life is indeed "a beach" and yet time and again she makes the decision to spread her blanket on the sand and dive into the surf anyway. Christine Gelineau While most of us make lists to get organized, hers dismantle the world, then browse it. The effect is a bit like attending a yard sale in veiled Melancholy's sovereign shrine. Julie Sheehan These are poems to embrace and be embraced by. They're poems to be swept away by. They are poems to abandon yourself to and ride like a motorcycle into the bold American night. George Wallace Tammy helps us realize that our everyday, speaking vocabulary, our plain language, can exert extraordinary power--that is when put together by a skilled and sensitive poet. Maxwell Corydon Wheat, Jr. Tammy alternates between the provocative and the visceral. ... Hers are poems that resonate and reverberate and are to be savored with each reading. Ed Stever Life's a Beach comes right at you with a sense of yearning; an indescribable thirst longing to be quenched. ... [It] is everything rich and full; deserving fully of rapt attention. Leonard Greco Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan slits her poetic wrists and lets the blood flow onto each page. She tells it like it is, with no holds barred. Peter V. Dugan It is here, in these pages that we hear the voice of a hard-hitting heroine. A raw record, her words dig deep and flow into every crevasse, every pore. Callie Jean Slusser  
46 pg.