Astronomy Reports V. 45, I. 07

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Astronomy Reports
Astronomy Reports -- July 2001 Volume 45, Issue 7, pp. 497-579 Magnetic Fronts in Galaxies A. P. Petrov, D. D. Sokoloff, and D. L. Moss pp. 497-501 Full Text: PDF (71 kB) A Correlation between the Distributions of Pulsars and Emission Measures in the Galaxy A. V. Pynzar' and V. I. Shishov pp. 502-509 Full Text: PDF (106 kB) The Dust Envelope of R Cas G. Weigelt and B. F. Yudin pp. 510-516 Full Text: PDF (78 kB) Wolf–Rayet Stars and Cosmic Gamma-ray Bursts K. A. Postnov and A. M. Cherepashchuk pp. 517-526 Full Text: PDF (119 kB) Observations of Five Supernovae in 1995–1997 D. Yu. Tsvetkov, N. N. Pavlyuk, and E. P. Pavlenko pp. 527-537 Full Text: PDF (291 kB) Interpretation of Light Curves of IP Peg in a Model with Shockless Interaction between the Gas Stream and Disk T. S. Khruzina, A. M. Cherepashchuk, D. V. Bisikalo, A. A. Boyarchuk, and O. A. Kuznetsov pp. 538-552 Full Text: PDF (281 kB) Optical Spectra of Three AGB Stars V. G. Klochkova, G. Zhao, V. E. Panchuk, and N. S. Tavolganskaya pp. 553-563 Full Text: PDF (126 kB) A New Approach to Modeling the Surface Magnetic Fields of Chemically Peculiar Stars V. R. Khalak, Yu. N. Khalak, A. V. Shavrina, and N. S. Polosukhina pp. 564-568 Full Text: PDF (71 kB) Convective Mechanism for the Formation of Photospheric Magnetic Fields A. V. Getling pp. 569-576 Full Text: PDF (158 kB) The Hamiltonian in the Planetary or Satellite Problem as a D'Alembertian Function K. V. Kholshevnikov pp. 577-579 Full Text: PDF (51 kB)