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JETP Letters -- February 25, 1998 Volume 67, Issue 4, pp. 247-305 Sufficient conditions for the existence of Q balls in gauge theories A. Kusenko, M. Shaposhnikov, and P. G. Tinyakov Full Text: PDF (72 kB) Matrix element of the anomalously low-energy (3.5 ± 0.5 eV) transition in 229Th and the isomer lifetime A. M. Dykhne and E. V. Tkalya Full Text: PDF (102 kB) Estimates of electron–positron pair production in the interaction of high-power laser radiation with high-Z targets D. A. Gryaznykh, Ya. Z. Kandiev, and V. A. Lykov Full Text: PDF (85 kB) Contact scanning near-field optical microscopy D. A. Lapshin, S. K. Sekatskii, V. S. Letokhov, and V. N. Reshetov Full Text: PDF (231 kB) Spectral dependence of the excitation of the "forbidden" second optical harmonic in an aqueous suspension of purple membranes by femtosecond laser pulses under electronic resonance conditions A. V. Balakin, N. I. Koroteev, A. V. Pakulev, A. P. Shkurinov, D. Boucher, P. Masselin, and E. Fertein Full Text: PDF (82 kB) Spontaneous far-IR emission accompanying transitions of charge carriers between levels of quantum dots L. E. Vorob'ev, D. A. Firsov, V. A. Shalygin, V. N. Tulupenko, Yu. M. Shernyakov, N. N. Ledentsov, V. M. Ustinov, and Zh. I. Alferov Full Text: PDF (75 kB) On phase-modulational bifurcation during passive mode locking in lasers A. K. Komarov, K. P. Komarov, and A. S. Kuch'yanov Full Text: PDF (52 kB) One-dimensional localization in porous a-Si1 – cMnc A. I. Yakimov, A. V. Dvurechenskii, V. A. Dravin, and Yu. Yu. Proskuryakov Full Text: PDF (92 kB) On the anomalous H dependence of the amplitude of de Haas–van Alphen oscillations in CeCu2Si2 V. V. Val'kov and D. M. Dzebisashvili Full Text: PDF (108 kB) Vortex drag in the quantum Hall effect S. A. Vitkalov Full Text: PDF (72 kB) Observation of the pre-explosion state and of the initial moment of an explosion of a field emission center in a field emission microscope A. V. Batrakov, S. A. Popov, and D. I. Proskurovskii Full Text: PDF (340 kB) Erratum: QED corrections to DIS cross section with tagged photon [JETP Lett. 66, No. 6, 391–396 (1997)] E. A. Kuraev and N. P. Merenkov Full Text: PDF (27 kB)
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