Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics V. 97, I. 02

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Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
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Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics -- August 2003 Volume 97, Issue 2, pp. 217-431 ATOMS, SPECTRA, RADIATION Understanding Atomic Processes in Terms of Coulomb Singularities T. Suric, E. G. Drukarev, and R. H. Pratt pp. 217-231 Full Text: PDF (157 kB) Instanton versus Traditional WKB Approach to the Landau–Zener Problem V. A. Benderskii, E. V. Vetoshkin, and E. I. Kats pp. 232-258 Full Text: PDF (320 kB) PLASMA, GASES Pressure-Produced Ionization of Nonideal Plasma in a Megabar Range of Dynamic Pressures V. E. Fortov, V. Ya. Ternovoi, M. V. Zhernokletov, M. A. Mochalov, A. L. Mikhailov, A. S. Filimonov, A. A. Pyalling, V. B. Mintsev, V. K. Gryaznov, and I. L. Iosilevskii pp. 259-278 Full Text: PDF (397 kB) SOLIDS Structure The Magnetoelastic Contribution to Thermal Expansion of Rare-Earth Metal Scheelites RLiF4 (R = Tb–Yb) Z. A. Kazei, O. A. Shishkina, R. I. Chanieva, R. Yu. Abdulsabirov, and S. L. Korableva pp. 279-289 Full Text: PDF (137 kB) Electronic Properties Energy Spectrum of p Electrons in a Plane Crystal Lattice and in a Strong Magnetic Field R. O. Zaitsev and Yu. V. Mikhailova pp. 290-304 Full Text: PDF (187 kB) Dynamic Phenomena Connected with Magnetic and Antiferroelectric Interactions in Trirutiles I. F. Mirsaev and E. A. Turov pp. 305-316 Full Text: PDF (149 kB) Single-Electron Charging of Triangular Quantum Dots in a Ring Interferometer V. A. Tkachenko, A. A. Bykov, D. G. Baksheev, O. A. Tkachenko, L. V. Litvin, A. V. Latyshev, T. A. Gavrilova, A. L. Aseev, O. Estibals, and J. C. Portal pp. 317-330 Full Text: PDF (384 kB) Exchange and Spin-Fluctuation Mechanisms of Superconductivity in Cuprates N. M. Plakida, L. Anton, S. Adam, and Gh. Adam pp. 331-342 Full Text: PDF (148 kB) Resonant Tunneling and a Nonlinear Response in RF Fields V. F. Elesin pp. 343-357 Full Text: PDF (165 kB) REVIEWS Superconductivity in Doped Nondegenerate Insulators A. I. Agafonov and É. A. Manykin pp. 358-401 Full Text: PDF (483 kB) X-ray Optical Activity: Applications of Sum Rules J. Goulon, A. Rogalev, F. Wilhelm, C. Goulon-Ginet, P. Carra, I. Marri, and Ch. Brouder pp. 402-431 Full Text: PDF (333 kB)
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