A. Manette Ansay: 11-01-1995

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Ansay, A. Manette
Rubin, Stan Sanvel
Mannette Ansay , Wisconsin , Fiction Writer , Novelist
A. Manette Ansay is an author known for works such as her short story collection Read This and Tell Me What it Says and her popular novel Vinegar Hill. She starts off the interview by reading a short excerpt from Vinegar Hill. She continues by talking about how Vinegar Hill originated, how her own life heavily influenced her writing and especially that novel, and the reviews and critiques of the novel. She then goes on to discuss how health problems caused her to begin writing poetry when she was 23 and how the MFA program she was accepted to at Cornell shaped her as writer. Ansay then reads her poem titled “Nothing Wrong” and ends the interview by reading her short story “Lies.”
Edits from the original interview: Removed 30:20 seconds of dead air from beginning;Removed 38:00 seconds of dead air after author reading;Removed 18:17 seconds of dead air from ending