Are You Flying Under The Radar?.... Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health

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Clement-O’Brien, Karen
Knuijt, Kristen
Guzda, Malgorzata T.
Springall, Kristi
The purpose of this poster is to promote mental, emotional, and behavioral (MEB) well-being in the young adult population of Onondaga County Community. Goals are to recognize resources in the Onondaga Community which can be accessed to assist with the prevention and promotion of mental health, to explain coping strategies which can be utilized to manage periods of increasing stress or anxiety, and to describe an action plan for a person who requires assistance to keep them safe and free of escalating behaviors. MEB is essential to well-being. The incidence of young people affected by MEB disorders is one in five nationally. About three-fourths of all MEB disorders are diagnosed between the ages of 14 – 24 years which includes conduct disorders, depression, and substance abuse. According to the New York State Prevention Agenda – Promote Mental Health and Prevent Substance Abuse Action Plan 2017 and the Onondaga County Indicators for Tracking Public Health Priority Areas, the Onondaga County scores higher than the New York State percentage for the mental health and substance abuse indicators (Onondaga County Public Health (2017). Methods are to assess the Onondaga County for community programs and opportunities to promote a reduction in MEB, identify strategies to promote a reduction in suicide among young adults, and to identify strategies to assist the young adult to assess their MEB health. Results are to engage learners in a participatory learning activity at the poster display, survey the learner for their rating of knowledge pre- and post activity, and distribute a “pocket guide” of resources & strategies for future reference. Conclusions are that MEB disorders can be prevented, according to the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine (New York State Department of Health, 2016). Best opportunities to improve mental health of the public are interventions delivered before a disorder manifests itself and prevent the disorder in the first place. Young adults of Onondaga County will leave the poster presentation with strategies to assist with MEB in the future.
Poster Presented at the 2017 SUNY Polytechnic Institute Student Project Showcase