Can’t touch this : empowering children with severe food allergy in the residential camp setting

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Dubin, Alexsandra
Food allergy in children. , Therapeutic recreation. , Recreational therapy. , Therapeutic methods.
The purpose of this project was to create an empowerment program for children with severe food allergies (SFA) in a residential camp setting. Despite recent advancements in research, there is no cure for SFA, thus there is a need for programs to help children manage their allergies and cope with the ramifications of their condition. Research shows that empowerment programs outcomes include improved self-concept and resiliency, better communication skills, feelings of competence and control, feelings of acceptance and an ability to verbalize feelings. This program was designed to deliver the benefits of an empowerment process program to children with SFA in an environment where they would be safe. A program such as this could lead to an increased number of safe, viable programs that offer camp services and opportunities to children living with SFA.
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