Undergraduate Bulletin for 2012, Fall [Fall Edition]

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Undergraduate Bulletin (Stony Brook University)
The official Undergraduate Bulletin is published online and is updated and archived at the beginning of the registration cycle associated with each fall and spring semester. Typically, the fall edition is published in April and the spring edition is published in November. The April edition of the online bulletin shall encompass academic activities related to Summer Session and Fall semester enrollment. The November edition of the online bulletin shall encompass academic activities related to Winter Session and Spring Semester enrollment. See also, policies on leave of absence and when majors change. Any information in a printed copy of the Undergraduate Bulletin may be superseded by the appropriate online version. Deadlines to propose changes to the Bulletin are set according to the publication dates. Questions regarding the Bulletin should be directed to ugbulletin@stonybrook.edu. In the event that a conflict exists between information in the online Bulletin and other university sources (eg., other university websites), the information in the online Bulletin supersedes the information from other sources for courses and academic policies. The University reserves the right to amend the Undergraduate Bulletin at any time and without notice to reflect modifications in policy, law, or regulation. Potential alterations might include, by way of example only, degree requirements, course offerings, fees, and calendar listings. Federal and State regulations as well as external accreditation regulations supersede information in the Bulletin.
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