Information Technology Services Newsletter: Fall 2004

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Orzech, Mary Jo
ITS, State University of New York, College at Brockport.
Brockport Academic Computing , Hardware Updates , Software Updates , Technology , GIS , Drake Memorial Library
Information Technology Services Newsletter: Fall 2004 Mary Jo Orzech, Editor Contents: Go Wireless! 1 New Email System 1 Windows XP and MS Office 2003 Pro Have Landed! 2 Tower Fine Arts Even Finer 2 Dreamweaver Upgraded 2 Adobe Creative Suite Arrives 2 GIS Service/Workshop 3 ITS A-Team Back in Business! 3 ITS Welcomes New Staff Member 4 Online Learning Update 4 New ITS Website 4 Web Mining Professor 4 NetOp Update 4 Antivirus CD for Home Use 4 Printing in Labs 5 ResNet Connections Update 5 Drake Library News 6 Scavenger Hunts, Assignments, and Library Resources 6 Music at Noon in Drake 6 Summer Reading Project Resource 7 MS Office/Dreamweaver Training 8 SUNY TLT Cooperative Online Classes 9 Upcoming Technology Related Events 9 Au Revoir, Floppies! 10 Frequently Asked Questions 10 SciFinder Scholar Program 11 Users in the News 11 ITS Contact Information 12