Nina Neufeld Transcript

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Neufeld, Nina
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
World War, 1939-1945--Jews--Rescue--Hungary. , Holocaust survivors. , Antisemitism--Hungary. , Authors. , Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)--Personal narratives. , Diplomats--Hungary. , Diplomats--Sweden. , Men--Personal narratives. , Fascism--Italy. , World War, 1939-1945--Jewish resistance--Italy. , Men--Personal narratives.
Nina Neufeld shares her experience of being in hidiing with her family after they were deported from Austria in June of 1938, being taken by bus to Yugoslavia and returned to Austria on two separate trips and then eventually were deported to Germany. From Germany, the Gestapo deported them to Finland, who returned them to Germany. After connecting with the Jewish community in Germany, the family separated and falsified documents were provided for some of Nina's family to go to Copenhagen, Denmark, where they stayed until 1943 due to her mother's illness; during this time, one of her siblings was lost, one died in a concentration camp, and five other siblings were in Israel, Czechoslovakia, and Denmark. In 1943, the Jewish underground resistance in Copenhagen arranged for the safe deportation of Jews to Sweden where her family stayed in the Helshen refugee camp until Nina left for Gothenburg, Sweden. where she lived with her family until the end of the war.
This collection was donated by Norman Carlson of the Wallenberg Committee and George Browder of the Goldbloom Memorial Fund Committee. This collection comprises recorded oral histories from two living history day events focused on interviewing Holocaust survivors. This collection comprises oral history recordings on broadcast video cassette, VHS cassette, and audio cassette. All of which has been digitized as MP4 files. This collection is arranged into two major series, Series A. Interview Recordings and Series B. Interview Transcripts. Both of these series are in separate arrangements, the first level being the committee that created the recordings and the sub series level by last name of interviewee in alphabetical order.