Graphic Flash: A Collaboration of Writing, Arts and Media

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Gormley, Ethan S.
Carroll, Cassidy
Assis, Guilherme
Flowers, Crystal
Fox, Tara
Gary, Imani
Gottlieb, Melissa
Nemec, Calvin
Stalter, Daniel
Creative Writing , Digital Illustration , Digital Publishing , Film , Music , Interpretation , Collaboration , Interdisciplinary
Graphic Flash is an interdisciplinary collaborative project involving almost 100 students at SUNY Oswego. The process begins with a flash fiction story produced by advanced creative writers. These narratives are given to students in digital illustration, filmmaking students, and music students who come up with their own artistic interpretations of the stories. All of the student artworks are then brought together into a single Graphic Flash application. The app, designed by SUNY Oswego students studying digital publication, creates a space for all of the different art forms to exist aesthetically together in one location. The interactivity of the app allows the audience to read stories or hear the authors read them; to view an illustration; to listen to music based on the narrative themes; to watch short films. The resultant experience invites the audience to experience the versatility and depth of a single artistic idea explored creatively through the prism of multiple artistic lenses. SUNY Oswego students representing the various disciplines involved in Graphic Flash will speak to their creative processes and the ways they introduced their personal vision into the shared practices. Discussion from panelists will likely also include topics like ekphrasis (art responding to art), adaptation, the role of professionalism in writing and the arts, the role of taste in collaborative work, and arts in the digital age.