The Effect of Online Classes On Students

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Beardslee, Nick
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COVID-19 Pandemic , Remote learning , Online school , Zoom , School zines , Personal zines
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My zine is about the effects that online classes have on students. This covers both mental and physical issues that I have noticed myself and from talking to other people such as fellow classmates and friends that have experienced similar issues. I also touch briefly on financial issues because some students might not be getting enough out of their classes for what they are paying for. I was inspired to make this zine because I am struggling with online classes, mainly with a lack of motivation to do work and being depressed due to the lack of interaction with other people and physical movement that I would have been getting if I was on campus going to classes. I also incorporated some memes that I found online that have to do with online classes because I always think it is interesting to see how people are reacting to current events and circumstances and translate it into something we can all laugh about and relate to. Other than the memes, I added some pictures that represent us being tied to our technology because I think there is a lot of irony in these pictures. These pictures/artwork were originally created to show how my generation is addicted to their computers and cell phones and how it’s bad for us, but now we are forced to sit in front of a computer for hours on end each day for our education and these pictures have a completely different meaning to me now. Before online classes when I would see these pictures I always thought it was ridiculous but now I feel like I can relate to them because my eyes are constantly glued to my screen, but not by choice, and I think that is an interesting contrast. This zine was created as part of a course assignment in "The Impacts of TV and Digital Culture," a Digital Media and Journalism course taught at SUNY New Paltz by Assistant Professor Jessica Crowell.
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