Chidera's Personal Art Collection

"Nigerian Queen" , "Brother" , "Tears" , Chidera Joseph , Pastel Drawing , Acrylic Painting
Chidera Personal Art Collection The first art piece is called “Bother”. This all pencil drawing helps display the relationship I have with my older brother Ebere. In this all pencil art piece, one manages to if observed closely to notice the two individuals jumping for a basketball. One of the individuals in the figure I purposely drew with so much details, to display the light and power he has over the other figure in the shadows with less details. The figure with the most details represents my older brother Ebere, who in the family is seen as the perfect child and his opponent with the little detail represents me. Unlike my brother, I am seen as the underdog in my family. But although I am seen as the underdog in the family, my brother and I still find a way to connect through basketball and even on the basketball court, he still gets the spotlight. The second art piece “Tears” is a pastel face drawing of a young girl fill with tears which runs down her face. This pastel drawing represents the many unheard and unseen tears I shaded and sometimes still shed, through my daily struggles as a young Nigerian girl. Lastly, my third piece is titled “Nigerian Queen”, which was done in color pencil and acrylics paints. The face of the drawing was done in color pencil and the necklace were done in colorful acrylic paints. This painting represents who I am as a Nigerian girl. This painting show the beauty and elegance of a Nigerian woman who presents herself with pride and dignity of her Igbo tribe.