The effects of the New York State Tidal Wetlands Act, moratorium phase

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Marine Sciences Research Center
Haje, Roy Louis
Marine Sciences Research Center, Stony Brook University
Marine Sciences. , Atmospheric Sciences. , Tide-waters -- Law and legislation -- New York (State). , Wetlands -- Law and legislation -- New York (State). , Wetland conservation -- New York (State). , Tidal wetlands act.
from the abstract, "Marine wetlands play a vital role in the ecology of the estuarine environment. Wetlands support varied populations of specialized plants, mollusks, and crustaceans, as well as offering food and cover to waterfowl and shorebirds. Wetlands also are important as spawning and feeding grounds for many species of commercial, sport, and forage fish. Other values include protection from erosion, enhancement of estuarine productivity, treatment of excess nutrients, and as sites for recreation. During the moratorium, requests for alterations to 'tidal waters or wetlands or within 300 feet of them must meet standards of hardship and compatibility. A review of the moratorium applications made to the Department of Environmental Conservation indicates that no authorized wetlands losses occurred in some townships while minimal losses occurred in others. A total loss of approximately 20 acres was calculated. An additional undetermined amount was lost through illegal activities. . ."
iii, 50, 13 p. ; 28 cm. Bibliography.