Acoustical Physics, V. 51, I. 05

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Acoustical Physics
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Acoustical Physics -- September 2005 Volume 51, Issue 5, pp. 495-607 Stationary and Quasi-Stationary Waves in Even-Order Dissipative Systems M. V. Averiyanov, M. S. Basova, and V. A. Khokhlova pp. 495-501 Full Text: PDF (106 kB) Image Quality Improvement in Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing by the Maximum Entropy Method A. E. Bazulin and E. G. Bazulin pp. 502-512 Full Text: PDF (127 kB) Ocean Acoustic Tomography with a Nonstandard Representation of Refractive Inhomogeneities V. A. Burov, A. Yu. Popov, S. N. Sergeev, and A. S. Shurup pp. 513-523 Full Text: PDF (986 kB) Interaction of a Shear Wave with a Moving Domain Wall in a Ferromagnetic Crystal with Allowance for the External Magnetic Field E. A. Vilkov pp. 524-532 Full Text: PDF (121 kB) High-Q Oscillations in a Layered Elastic Medium O. Yu. Dinariev and V. N. Nikolaevskii pp. 533-537 Full Text: PDF (70 kB) Experimental Estimate for the Transformation of Underwater Acoustic Radiation into a Seismoacoustic Wave G. I. Dolgikh and V. A. Chupin pp. 538-542 Full Text: PDF (66 kB) Experimental Study of Nonlinear Acoustic Effects in a Granular Medium V. Tournat, V. Yu. Zaitsev, V. E. Nazarov, V. É. Gusev, and B. Castagnéde pp. 543-553 Full Text: PDF (246 kB) Numerical Modeling of the Wave Field in Seismic Profiling of the Seafloor Yu. M. Zaslavskii, B. V. Kerzhakov, and V. V. Kulinich pp. 554-559 Full Text: PDF (349 kB) Laser Optoacoustic Measurement of Paper Porosity A. A. Karabutov, I. M. Pelivanov, and N. B. Podymova pp. 560-565 Full Text: PDF (78 kB) Velocity of Ultrasonic Waves in Ferrocomposites I. S. Kol'tsova, E. N. Zinov'eva, and A. Yu. Mikhalev pp. 566-570 Full Text: PDF (70 kB) Nonlinear Elasticity in Structurally Inhomogeneous Materials: An Experimental Study A. I. Korobov, Yu. A. Brazhkin, and Wang Ning pp. 571-577 Full Text: PDF (265 kB) Method for Solving the Problems of Multiple Scattering by Several Bodies in a Homogeneous Unbounded Medium B. P. Sharfarets pp. 578-586 Full Text: PDF (116 kB) Amplification and Drift-Related Nonreciprocity of the Shear Wave Scattering by a Semiconductor Cylinder in a Piezoelectric N. S. Shevyakhov pp. 587-597 Full Text: PDF (152 kB) SHORT COMMUNICATIONS Magnetohydrodynamic Generator of Pseudosound A. V. Danilyan, D. L. Dorofeev, V. I. Naskidashvili, G. V. Pakhomov, and B. A. Zon pp. 598-600 Full Text: PDF (45 kB) CHRONICLE In Memory of Yurii Mikhailovich Sukharevskii (September 8, 1906–September 17, 2004) pp. 601-604 Full Text: PDF (95 kB) INFORMATION Information on the Activities of the St. Petersburg Seminar on Computational and Theoretical Acoustics of the Scientific Council on Acoustics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2004 pp. 605-606 Full Text: PDF (21 kB) Scientific–Engineering Conference "Ship Acoustics—2005" p. 607 Full Text: PDF (17 kB)
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