Harbingers of Change: Casement and Morel in the Congo

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Ramsey, Kiri
This paper was written for the History 390 (Research Methods) class focusing on the Congo Free State, the atrocities found there under the control of King Leopold II of Belgium, and the humanitarian effort surrounding the situation. Most works pertaining to E.D. Morel and Roger Casement focus on their separate contributions to the Congo Reform Movement. Rarely are their joint efforts and influence within the movement discussed comprehensively in the same piece. This paper intends to argue that Morel and Casement were equal partners in regards to influence in the movement, specifically in the terms of their presence in the public awareness in connection with the Congo humanitarian effort. In order to do so, I focus on their use of public pressure on the changing of the political stance on the Congo, rather than only focusing on their use of personal work and pressure to incite change. In addition, special attention is payed to the manner in which they were able to sway both public opinion and political action, particularly by studying the various political connections fostered by Morel and Casement, both in Britain and the United States.
This is the second place entry in the FODL Undergraduate Student Writing Contest.