Dedman, Wayne

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Wayne Dedman , Brockport State Teachers College , History
Wayne Dedman was a professor of history at Brockport from 1945 to 1977. He studied at Illinois State and the University of Chicago, and received his doctorate from the University of Rochester. At the time of his death a colleague, Professor Owen Ireland, commented that "Wayne was a teacher of great stature and an important contributor to the College's transformation from a small teachers college to the comprehensive college it has become. He was also an accomplished scholar at a time when scholarship was not encouraged of our faculty." One of Dedman's accomplishments was to write a history in 1969 of our college, Cherishing This Heritage, that is a model of scholarship in education and local history, and an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the story of Brockport. He is pictured here, center, flanked by two colleagues in the 1950s.