Physics of Atomic Nuclei V. 63, I. 10

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Physics of Atomic Nuclei
Physics of Atomic Nuclei -- October 2000 Volume 63, Issue 10, pp. 1673-1863 NUCLEI Experiment Proton, Deuteron, and Triton Emission in 14N+Ag Interactions at an Energy of 52 MeV per Nucleon V. Yu. Alexakhin, M. I. Gostkin, K. K. Gudima, M. P. Ivanov, A. Kugler, I. V. Kuznetsov, S. I. Merzlyakov, C. L. Morris, E. A. Pasyuk, Yu. E. Penionzhkevich, S. Yu. Porokhovoy, Yu. G. Sobolev, and V. D. Toneev pp. 1673-1678 Full Text: PDF (131 kB) Synthesis of Superheavy Nuclei in 48Ca + 244Pu Interactions Yu. Ts. Oganessian, V. K. Utyonkov, Yu. V. Lobanov, F. Sh. Abdullin, A. N. Polyakov, I. V. Shirokovsky, Yu. S. Tsyganov, G. G. Gulbekian, S. L. Bogomolov, B. N. Gikal, A. N. Mezentsev, S. Iliev, V. G. Subbotin, A. M. Sukhov, O. V. Ivanov, G. V. Buklanov, K. Subotic, M. G. Itkis, K. J. Moody, J. F. Wild, N. J. Stoyer, M. A. Stoyer, and R. W. Lougheed pp. 1679-1687 Full Text: PDF (124 kB) Theory Multidimensional Dynamical–Statistical Model for Describing the Fission of Excited Nuclei I. I. Gontchar, A. É. Gettinger, L. V. Guryan, and W. Wagner pp. 1688-1708 Full Text: PDF (391 kB) Description of the Low-Energy Doublet Neutron–Deuteron Scattering in Terms of Parameters Characterizing Bound and Virtual Triton States V. A. Babenko and N. M. Petrov pp. 1709-1715 Full Text: PDF (80 kB) Clustering Aspects of Nuclei in Highly Deformed States T. M. Shneidman, G. G. Adamian, N. V. Antonenko, S. P. Ivanova, and W. Scheid pp. 1716-1723 Full Text: PDF (101 kB) Dineutron Configurations in Neutron-Excess Nuclei from the Viewpoint of the Diffraction Model M. V. Evlanov, A. M. Sokolov, and V. K. Tartakovsky pp. 1724-1731 Full Text: PDF (96 kB) Collective Excitations in Neutron-Rich Nuclei within the Model of a Fermi Liquid Drop V. M. Kolomietz and A. G. Magner pp. 1732-1739 Full Text: PDF (137 kB) Mass-Surface Predictions near the Doubly Magic Nuclide 78Ni V. I. Isakov, K. A. Mezilev, Yu. N. Novikov, K. I. Erokhina, B. Fogelberg, and H. Mach pp. 1740-1746 Full Text: PDF (99 kB) Effect of the Interference between Orbital and Spin Currents on Form Factors for Nuclear Electroexcitation N. G. Goncharova, A. A. Dzhioev, and V. V. Shershakov pp. 1747-1752 Full Text: PDF (81 kB) Theory of Doorway States for One-Nucleon-Transfer Reactions B. L. Birbrair and V. I. Ryazanov pp. 1753-1762 Full Text: PDF (142 kB) Proton-Separation Vertex Constants for sd-Shell Nuclei from an Analysis of Peripheral Transfer Reactions S. V. Artemov, É. A. Zaparov, M. A. Kayumov, and G. K. Nie pp. 1763-1771 Full Text: PDF (109 kB) Photonuclear Reaction 7Li(gamma, t)alpha and Light-Cluster-Interaction Models I. V. Kopytin, A. V. Sinyakov, A. A. Khuskivadze, and Yu. M. Tchuvil'ski pp. 1772-1780 Full Text: PDF (117 kB) Subthreshold and Near-Threshold K+-Meson Photoproduction on Nuclei É. Ya. Paryev pp. 1781-1791 Full Text: PDF (160 kB) Tensor Polarization of 6Li(2.186 MeV, 3+) States Produced in the Reaction 9Be(p, alpha)6Li* at 40 MeV L. I. Galanina and N. S. Zelenskaya pp. 1792-1798 Full Text: PDF (111 kB) ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS Experiment Cosmic Rays of Energies in the Range 103–105 TeV and Higher S. I. Nikolsky and V. A. Romachin pp. 1799-1814 Full Text: PDF (228 kB) Theory Exotic States X±(1600, IG (JPC)=2+(2+ +)) in Photoproduction Reactions N. N. Achasov and G. N. Shestakov pp. 1815-1823 Full Text: PDF (139 kB) Near-Threshold omega- and phi-Meson Production in pn --> dM Reactions and OZI-Rule Violation V. Yu. Grishina, L. A. Kondratyuk, and M. Büscher pp. 1824-1830 Full Text: PDF (110 kB) Transverse-Momentum Dependence of Cumulative Pions M. A. Braun and V. V. Vechernin pp. 1831-1834 Full Text: PDF (68 kB) Radial Excitations of Scalar, eta, and eta[prime] Mesons in a Chiral Quark Model M. K. Volkov and V. L. Yudichev pp. 1835-1846 Full Text: PDF (151 kB) Production Rates for pi+K–, pK–, and ppi– Atoms in Inclusive Processes O. E. Gorchakov, A. V. Kuptsov, L. L. Nemenov, and D. Yu. Riabkov pp. 1847-1851 Full Text: PDF (78 kB) Strangeness Photoproduction on a Deuteron and Hyperon–Nucleon Interaction B. O. Kerbikov pp. 1852-1854 Full Text: PDF (50 kB) Synchrotron Radiation of Photino Pairs A. V. Kurilin and A. I. Ternov pp. 1855-1863 Full Text: PDF (114 kB)