Validity and Reliability of an iPod Forearm Goniometer Application in Measuring Range of Motion in Average College Students

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Horoszewski, Kacie L.
Nowak, Matthew M.
This presentation focuses on a research study that aims to determine if the Forearm Goniometer application is reliable and valid in measuring range of motion. There has been a significant increase in the number of healthcare professionals incorporating smartphones into the clinic. Measuring range of motion is a necessary task of occupational therapists across a variety of settings. It has been found that traditional methods of goniometry are not consistently reliable or valid if devices or raters are used interchangeably. The Forearm Goniometer application eliminates the need for a consistent rater by allowing the client to handle the tool independently. The results may give indications for future research or ways to improve the technological capacity of smartphone applications. This study was a quasi-experimental design, using a single group. The participants were a sample of 100 Keuka College students enrolled in courses within the occupational therapy curriculum. The use of smartphone applications in clinical practice is growing, as is the need for research to determine the usefulness of these tools.