JETP Letters V. 71, I .01

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
JETP Letters
JETP Letters -- January 10, 2000 Volume 71, Issue 1, pp. 1-41 FIELDS, PARTICLES, NUCLEI The Mixing of Metastable States of Barium Atoms Induced by the ac Stark Effect I. I. Bondar and V. V. Suran pp. 1-3 Full Text: PDF (47 kB) Inertial Parameters and Superfluid-to-Normal Phase Transition in Superdeformed Bands I. M. Pavlichenkov pp. 4-7 Full Text: PDF (69 kB) ATOMS, SPECTRA, RADIATIONS Cooperative Nonradiative Cross-Relaxation in Crystals of La(1 – x)CexF3 Solid Solutions T. T. Basiev, M. E. Doroshenko, and V. V. Osiko pp. 8-11 Full Text: PDF (60 kB) PLASMA, GASES Intermittence Phenomena in the Burgers Equation Involving Thermal Noise I. V. Kolokolov pp. 12-14 Full Text: PDF (43 kB) CONDENSED MATTER Energy, Compressibility, and Covalence in the Group Carbon Family S. M. Stishov pp. 15-16 Full Text: PDF (33 kB) Effects of the Overlap between Wave Functions of Impurity Centers on the Activation Energy of Hopping Conduction A. P. Mel'nikov, Yu. A. Gurvich, L. N. Shestakov, and E. M. Gershenzon pp. 17-20 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) Anomalous Surface Deceleration of a Domain Wall in an Amorphous Ferromagnet V. E. Zubov, A. D. Kudakov, and T. S. Fedulova pp. 21-23 Full Text: PDF (38 kB) Polarization Anomalies in a Relaxor Ferroelectric V. V. Gladkii, V. A. Kirikov, S. V. Nekhlyudov, T. R. Volk, and L. I. Ivleva pp. 24-26 Full Text: PDF (47 kB) Magnetoresistance of a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in a Parallel Magnetic Field V. T. Dolgopolov and A. Gold pp. 27-30 Full Text: PDF (52 kB) Energy Relaxation of Two-Dimensional Electrons in the Quantum Hall Effect Regime K. V. Smirnov, N. G. Ptitsina, Yu. B. Vakhtomin, A. A. Verevkin, G. N. Gol'tsman, and E. M. Gershenzon pp. 31-34 Full Text: PDF (77 kB) Magnetic and Magnetooptical Properties of Fe/Pt and Fe/Pt/Fe Thin-Film Magnetic Structures E. E. Shalygina, N. I. Tsidaeva, and M. A. Karsanova pp. 35-38 Full Text: PDF (62 kB) Superfluid Molecular Hydrogen V. S. Vorob'ev and S. P. Malyshenko pp. 39-41 Full Text: PDF (44 kB)