MLG 201 Oral History Project (Fall 2022)

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Iorizzo, Craig
Modern language Department, Farmingdale State Collage
Italian-American history
This interview covered information about Adelgisa and her family. We spoke about topics that discussed her heritage, upbringings, and even her dreams. The first set of questions were basic Biographical. Data Part II asked about Migration and Settlement of the Original Immigrant Generation. Part III asked about things such as Identity, Traditions, Food, and the Future. Central questions addressed her siblings, family, and traditions in her life. This is where she provided the most information. One thing I already knew, thanks to the class I am taking, is the answers to why did your parents move here? Adelgisa answers quickly, talking about how her father wants a better life for his kids. This seems to be a common theme throughout the class and what we spoke about during Deliza readings. The goal of this interview was to learn about Adelgisa’s life and about Italian heritage along with culture. This is worth mentioning so we can further understand concepts covered in class and connect them to people today. The method I used in this interview was to talk slowly and clearly. I wanted to take my time and to ensure I understood the questions I printed them out as well and I read them over. The main findings of this interview was life after arriving in America. Adelgisa shares many of the real struggles she faces like housing, and getting a job. In addition to this there was a lot about family and traditions. It was seen Adelgisa’s upbringings impact the traditions she practices today. Overall, the significance of this interview was to allow for deeper understanding of Italian culture and tie the Italian cuisine learned in class to explain how important they all are to an individual.
APPLIED LEARNING ENHANCED: UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH. Oral History Project carried out in MLG 201—Italian Food Culture and History with Dr. Chiara De Santi